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  1. I'll need to see if I'm working now. They're being funny about giving me time off. Is the Facebook page for the Edinburgh Saints??
  2. Any travel being organised for the second leg at home? Could depend on public transport, but a bit dangerous if it goes to extra time.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Think it will have to be the train unfortunately. We have some things to do before (flat hunting) so aiming to get there for 7. Thank you again and enjoy the match!!
  4. Just a quick shot before I book the train tomorrow. Anyone have room for two from Edinburgh to Perth for the second leg on the 24th? I'm meeting my Dad in Perth so will need to be through a wee bit before the game. Just worried it will go to extra time and we'll miss th return train! Will of course contribute to petrol. Hopefully get a response before noon tomorrow, otherwise train it is! Thanks guys guys.
  5. The newly renovated, renamed and now fantastic Guild of Foresters. Seeing as it's a Saturday, hopefully they'll have an extra couple of bodies anyway.
  6. Unfortunately in Portobello. Plus we're packed on a Saturday as it is, genuinely don't think we'd all fit in.
  7. Does someone want to give them a call if this is the plan? Working in a pub, I know they might appreciate the chance to put on an extra body or two. Either that or we descend upon my pub.
  8. What time will we arrive at the snooker club in Glasgow so I can let little sis know?
  9. Perth isn't an option for me unfortunately. Not necessarily book, but just let somewhere know we intend to go there. Polwarth would be okay, but maybe somewhere slightly more central?
  10. Any thoughts as to where we're going upon returning to Edinburgh? Might be an idea to book somewhere so they'll have the staff on and someone doesn't have a coronary when close to a hundred Saints fans in colours march in.
  11. You have Ptolemy twice. And talk about typos! I am not the antichrist.
  12. Stu, can I reserve one? Where are we getting dropped off? Meeting little sis in Glasgow. Do I pay once 3rd bus confirmed?? Also, big props!!!
  13. Think I'll be getting the train from Haymarket just after 1, only to Cupar though where I'm meeting my Dad.
  14. I'm a yay for the bus. My Dad took pity on me selling my stuff to get to the game last week so he's given me some pennies to make up for it this time.