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  1. Nowadays real conversation is sparse on here and there aren't enough voices left to drown out the old boys club patter that derails most topics. That stops me checking frequently and definitely from contributing because there is little point. News breaks elsewhere long before it gets picked up here so the forum's value is not what it once was.
  2. The club is delighted to announce that St. Johnstone fans living overseas will now be able to watch ALL home Ladbrokes Premiership matches LIVE with most away fixtures also now to be broadcast on Saints TV! with most away fixtures also now to be broadcast on Saints TV! with most away fixtures most
  3. 1.3 million views for a 10 minute video about how to put your socks on
  4. If anyone wonders why only five people post on this forum these days then the last two pages are the answer.
  5. Macca would run through glass if you let him. He's on record saying that Tommy was the one that didn't want him playing on plastic due to advice from the medical team.
  6. So desperate to appear ITK that you keep quoting yourself The tartan trim has been the worst kept secret of this mind-numbingly boring summer. Good for you though. Congrats.
  7. I wonder what Stevie May's upto next season. Seems only right that his downward spiral would allow him to end up a the club that made him. Like some kind of depressing long haired boardgame
  8. Who do you think owned Megabus when they sponsored us?
  9. Our senior management staff are a goalkeeper (Wright), a defender (Davidson) and another defender (Cleland). I know we have more coaches on the books, but who is actually in charge of our front line? Are we too focused on becoming hard to beat? And is it now starting to cost us games?
  10. Swanson deserves no more chances at this club.
  11. Think he'll be kept on as part of the setup under the new manager? I remember when he was brought on board Strachan spoke as if he was a stranger to him ("We had a meeting to make sure we know each other"), so I wonder who actually made the decision to introduce him to the coaching team.