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  1. Yes, It was indeed. I am in awe. Apart from all that, can you supply me with the teams in the 7-1 game?
  2. St Johnstone only appear to have OSH ( over soil heating courtesy of that big orange thing in the sky).
  3. Yes. I would imagine that a small mind would see it that way.
  4. I personally feel that we are closer to the OF than to the diddy teams. I still will not rule out us splitting them this season. Our last 2 results have not been great but the season has a long way to go yet. Fellow wee club was a good try tho. I love your spirit.
  5. I am a member of Hibs, hearts and both dundee teams sites. Of course I love engaging with smallmindism ( * not alledged its there for all to see ) although sometimes shooting fish in a barrel is not really sport.
  6. I love to observe petty smallmindism. Show me a better site than WAP for this and I will move on.
  7. Of course its the groundsman to blame! He must know how effective ( or more accurately INEFFECTIVE ) that the " heating" system is! He is as culpable as the Motherwell groundsman!
  8. I'm ok with that wee chap but a few of your lot have took hissy fits now that I can reply. Todays shambles with your pitch has been a laugh though after all of you bleating and having a wee protest outside falkirks ground.
  9. You will not feel as bad as i did after hearing the result on Wed evening then having to read the goading i took on here when I got home last night. So , with the greatest respect Fxxk you all!
  10. I have NO friends on here, nor would I want one judging by the spanners who post on here!
  11. Never thought I'd ever hear myself say this but well said.
  12. What are you on about wee chap? Am I off your ignore list now too? I'm all chuffed now.
  13. Don't you just love it when a debate turns to petty insults. But yes I agree with you, your club are a shambles, a joke in fact. Along with Motherwell you should be told to get your pitch in order or GTF!
  14. I think what he meant to say was Why did they not put an EFFECTIVE undersoil heating system on.
  15. Did they buy the undersoil system from Poundstretcher? If it has been on since Thursday then it is clearly defective.
  16. Next question. Why is your game off then?
  17. Is this not mandatory in the SPL?
  18. SPL? Yer having a laugh! You lot should be fined and points docked for this one! Was that not what you said about the Falkirk situation? Less than an hour till kick off, Absolute joke of a club.
  19. the YOU was plural ya daftie! Check back and see the shite i get from you pxxxks If YOU ( plural ) can't take it then don't fxxxxn bleat when YOU ( plural) get it back!