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  1. Greylag


    It has power alright. I got £10,000 of a new build house because the builder couldn't sell number 13. It's not common in Perth, but elsewhere streets often have no number 13. I was there 25 years - I'll leave it to others to say whether it affected wheeeeeee!
  2. Just repeating this so I can "like " it twice! :-) Oh - it seems I cannae - but I did laugh quite a lot!
  3. Saints do traditionally like to announce a new signing on a Thursday so that the daily papers can't trump the PA. May be less important these days, but old habits...
  4. Hell's teeth that is some virus, spreading from Stornoway to Shetland - that's hunners o' miles in one leap. :-)
  5. Just threaten to postpone it and watch their attitude change. Very last thing they want is for it to be called off.
  6. I don't see any issue with a draw purely for season ticket holders. No doubt at some period during the season the club will offer special entry deals at £10 or £15 to get folk along to a less attractive game or encourage support to an important one. Every time they do this they reduce the saving in buying a season ticket rather than pay at the gate. So a draw like this redresses the balance a bit and seems like a decent initiative to me.
  7. I wondered about Danny playing that central role while watching the Forfar debacle. He was pinging some nice passes long to Matty Kennedy in particular. With Drey on the other side it would open up play a lot. It was his shorter passes that were coming unstuck. Still think Danny could do the job though.
  8. If anyone "does everything" then it is Paul Smith.
  9. Greylag

    Euro Memories

    Or taking a train ride to the top of a Swiss mountain to find that of the 300 or so people at the top you knew about half of them. Then taking the ski gondola back down and while walking to the bus stop into Lucerne being given a lift by fellow Saintees who spotted you on the road. Surreal.
  10. Greylag

    John Muir

    Saddened to hear of the death of former player John Muir. He had a few very good seasons in a good Saints side. He certainly knew his way to goal. I always felt he did better in the early weeks of each season when the pitches were at their best. Heavier pitches inevitably saw him get injured. Great player for us and indeed for Alloa too.
  11. That's the spirit, let's have a "degrees of sh1tness" poll. To be truthful "We Are Perth" has probably disappointed me most over the last few weeks.
  12. Thought Scougall was OK, but Spoony consistently dribbles like Pele then passes like Pingu.