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  1. Jets are the new Browns Might not get gatherings as such, but there must be ways fans could socially distance but still show support before game - banners on bridges etc and fingers crossed celebrations afterwards. Beit Saints or Livi, would gatherings on parks the size of the inches be permitted by the govt if it could be guaranteed social distancing was in place. For example, could mark out 2m2 boxes on south in for households of fans should a celebration be needed? On the game itself, I'd have preferred St Mirren, but if you had offered every saints fan a final v Livi at the start of the season, them we would have bit your hand off. A great 'Initiative' saints could do is a chance for a fan to win a playing contract as a 12th man and be part of the clubs squad at the game (following all testing and isolation protocols obviously).
  2. With you on this one. I applaud him turning things around and all for rehabilitation, but just cannot take to him. The love fest in the media for him doesn't sit well with me. Shades of Mi*%son at Gr3tna for me. Martindale has done well no doubt, but the tea boy to manager story doesnt quite tell the whole story of his involvement(s) at Livi.
  3. Was a bit worried after the first 39 mins, but once saints settled and worked Hibs out, it became increasingly comfortable. Cant have been such a high profile game in Saints history where for the last 29 mins, it was so comfortable and clear we would win. 3-0 doesnt flatter us at all. Could be huge off the pitch too, with the winners getting £300k, so just getting to the final must give us a 6 figure boost at least. Not to mention the likely spin offs re sponsorships and merchandise sales. Performance and money aside, just one game away from potentially 2nd ever major trophy and us, Livi or St Mirren will all really fancy chances and no team will have a better opportunity than this year.
  4. Relented and paid the £12.99, but can be cancelled at anytime. Actually no a bad price when you compare to PPV, however given the recent abilities to stream by clubs and the good quality, I cannot help feel that SPFL/SFA must be able to take this kind of thing in house at the end if the current contract. Would imagine if you could sell a Scottish cup subscription for say £20, you'd get loads of fans signing up. I know SPFL tv has been mooted for years but the reality is with all the club TV's etc, it is already pretty much there.
  5. Actually, Saints should do this the next time Celtic come calling. Cite Lennon's comments and force them to change in the north stand toilets. Motherwell I think make away teams use a gym in the stand behind the goal, think Livi do too. I actually like that Saints bit back with the statement. Need to set the record straight and actually, might give the players a little bit of the lift to see the club not being so meek.
  6. Big 3 points. Kane and Guy worked well together. Guy fairly puts himself about as does Kane, which give us a presence up top. Zander has clearly been working on coming off his line more as he was much more commanding of his box. Hopefully breeds a bot of confidence all round for a huge game next week.
  7. Any idea how to buy 50/50 tickets without a PayPal account? Sure there is a way, just cant figure it out....
  8. Great book, congratulations Rob. Fascinating to learn the story and helps when you know the places described, even if much has changed in 85 years! Do you know what happened to the real life characters afterwards? I hope Marjory had a good life. Looking forward to the next book.
  9. Absolutely this. Kane runs a lot, but unless others score the goals, it's pointless. His job is to score the goals and if your striker cant do they with a free header less than 10 yards out, all the chasing down and running wont make any difference. MOH should have scored too. Melamed will be away in Jan, not because he is no good, but he will have had enough of not getting a chance and who could blame him. We are creating plenty of chances, but no one with the ability to out them away.
  10. Premiership teams get loans, but at the BoE base rate, so as good as interest free. What I mean is that we take the loan and then lend it on. What isn't clear is what happens to a team that takes the premiership loan and is then relegated. Could either be an advantage over peers if it was banked or a disadvantage if needing paid back while peers dont have too.
  11. Small price to pay in the grand scheme of things. Re the grants/Loans etc, it would be great to see the top flight clubs and players show some solidarity with lower league clubs. If say Celtic players each game up a days wages, that would probably save a club or two at least. If, say Saints do not need our potential loan, what a great gesture it would be if the club actually took it and in turn lent it on to clubs like Forfar/Montrose etc that for years we have had good relationships re loaning out players. Could badge it as a development agreement in that we can send players on loan and have first refusal on young players. As a football fan, I'd be gutted if a lower league club went under as a result of covid when a few grand or a ST loan could have saved them.
  12. Spot on. Can only assume Millwall are short or rightbacks/wingbacks. I think Danny is developing into a decent player and wish him well. Hope he gets a shot in their first team as if he keeps on developing like he has here, then they will have a really good asset. He'll not be out of place at a Championship level. If this had been a couple of months ago I'd have been worried, but Rooney has been getting better with each game. I think he can also continue to develop given the chance. I'd argue he's more a traditional right back than a wing back or even a right sided central defender in the making. Brown, I would imagine is backup to Rooney, but then that was what Danny was supposed to be and he took his opportunities, so there is scope there. Danny is one of those examples of a loan deal that works for everyone. For every one like that, there is 3/4 that are totally pointless.
  13. Not a great performance, but in Semis so all that matters. Terrible watching a QF on a stream and no fans in ground celebrating. An empty semi will be worse! Imagine we get to a final and cannot get there! Out of interest, how many semis is that now in the last wee while? Since 1989 that must be double figures?
  14. There is no hope in hell we will get £3m for McCann. Firstly, the like of Utd and Motherwell seem to get higher fees than us in part because they have a reputation for developing players and quite frankly are more willing to play hardball than us. I think it was Utd who got short changed on a few players and went public about not letting it happen again and also got players to agree to new contracts on the agreement that is a decent offer came un, they wouldn't stand un their way. That's how they got good money for Goodwillie, Robertson, Gauld etc. Clubs will look at saints and look at the last few deals and notice that we undersold May for example. Secondly, I dont think fron say Celtic for example there will be a willingness to overpay for Scottish players. Turnbull is an outlier, in part to appease their fans. Remember, they didnt want to meet Hins valuation for John McGinn and got flack from their own fans. Finally, it woumd be better to take a lower initial fee and sell him to England with a sell on. Even if say £1.5m to a championship club, add maybe a 20% sell on and if he is good enough, he'd go for more than £7.5m and we'd get more than £3m. The reality is bang average players down there can command a over inflated fee, so we should want to benefit from that.