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  1. Probably is an indicator of what most sane people suspect, something is not all above board behind the scenes at Livi. Media love the story, but the Martindale rise/involvement reeks of something dodgy. Still, we could be the beneficiaries here potentially. Beat them on the pitch first and foremost, but would hapily take a Euro place if Livi have been not following rules.
  2. Oh without a doubt dundee fans see that as a their only real derby, but I.doubt they'd really feel the need to comment on what a St Mirren or Annan fan thinks. Dundee and Utd may see their game as a derby like in glasgow or Edinburgh, but to the rest of the country, its seen as a bit cuddly, kind of like the ICT Ross county one. Plenty of players cross back and forth between and fans are all a bit friendly. I'd argue that St Mirren v Morton or even Dunfernline v Falkirk are more derbyesque than the Dundee one. You may disagree, but that is the perception. If I was dundee, I'd be flattered someone like saints disliked them enough to even see you as a derby. Anyway, all academic now, they wont be playing either Utd, Saints or even St Mirren and Aberdeen competitively for a while anyway. They can focus on the likes of alloa and Arbroath for the foreseeable.
  3. It's not a derby in the geographical sense as arguable saints have less of a distaste for utd than Dundee, but possibly because for a long period Saints and dundee we roughly on par on the pitch. However, in the last decade and maybe even 2, saints have been ahead of Dundee on and off the pitch. On the pitch they have been rank and a yo yo club, off the pitch they are a shambles. Dodgy owners, admins and a horrific crumbling ground. As time goes on saints fans will become increasingly meh about Dundee as they continue to slide. Seems Dundee are fighting for relevance by constantly in the last few days feeling they have to say it's not a derby. Adam feels the need to say 4 times in that article it's not. Maybe they protest too much.
  4. We got £800k for May pre sell on and no, I don't think that was good value. Yes, we will turn down insulting bids and yes, there there will have been enquiries for McCann and Kerr, but I doubt Saints playing hardball will have been what is putting teams off. If Motherwell can get £3m for Turnbull, Hibs Turned down £2m for Nisbett and Livi get £2m for Dykes, then if we get anything short of those kind of fees for McCann and arguably Kerr, then yes, we will appear to just roll over. Not that I want to see any of the players go, I want them to be making saints better, but if they do, then I want saints to be suitably compensated. Davidson is the one player I think we got a fair value for and look what that £2m has done for the club over the last 20 years, it has been the safety net that is still there.
  5. Which is decent money for saints, but still no where near what his true worth was at that time. Clubs know that we would likely see £1m as a huge offer and so bid accordingly. Kerr is as good or a better player than Porteous at Hibs and they turned down £1m, but we would likely accept half that for Kerr. If we played hard ball and ended up getting top dollar for a player, clubs would know saints would be no push over and so inflates what you get for future players. Compared to other players in our league, I'd argue McCann and Kerr should be 7 figure players. We also suffer from being classed as over achievers for a long period. One upshot of the LC win might be a change in perception in media and in turn other clubs.
  6. I think what will be a big factor in tansers decision will be family. Would imagine with covid and a young family, the being distant from home will be a big factor and who can blame him. I do think he is at his level now, so would be interesting to see where he goes. I wonder if there is any McCart=Rooney type players in the championship who can play left back. I think the biggest task this summer will be getting players to sign new contracts and fend off interest in out players. Slightly concerned that we may end up loosing both May and Melamed in the summer. Both might feel they aren't getting enough game time. Swap MOH for Middleton and I'd be happy.
  7. It's an incredible achievement in whatever way you cut it. So many top 6 finishes, 2 cups, european runs etc. But on top of that, it has been done increasingly with players developed from our own youth system. To think we had a core of experience in the first half of the decade and then now have some great young talent, while still keeping up the success is really pleasing. When you see how dejected StMirren are and how long since they have finished in top 6, then it makes you realise the achievement even more. Also, if we are all honest, we all think there is a real chance of the scottish cup and europe too. Both are realistic and to even think that way without genuinely getting ahead of yourself is mental.
  8. Yes. Regardless of the team, it is not a great concept. If you allow only 2 teams to do it, then if you genuinely believe it will help players development, then you hand those 2 teams an advantage. If you do more than 2, then you might as well have a reserve league. You could conceivable end up in a situation that 3rd place in league 1 would get promoted as both colts teams hit their limit. You would therefore be essentially playing in an 8 team league. Assuming playoffs are still around, you'd have potentially a team or two going into the last few weeks of the season with both the potential of promotion and relegation, which may be exciting in the short term, but utterly farcical long term. Also, they will not stop at league 1. They will push for championship admission after a few years. Also, don't be fooled by the development argument, this is a step to the two of them moving their first teams to other countries and leaving a presence in the scottish leagues. The goings on in Belgium should be a wake up call as to the future of scottish football.
  9. Utterly terrible and brain dead stupid idea. No one gains aside from Rangers and Celtic. The argument is that when either arse cheek is not playing, their fans would go and support the colts teams. However, the Irn Bru cup has shown that this is not the case. Fans of other teams (like us too), do not watch our teams to go and see either of them I'm sure it is our lowest home crowds. As for player development, the better colt players would be loaned to a level above the max league 1 they can get to, so you will have the poorer players or the youngest. I really struggle to see why any lower team would see any benefit to this.
  10. So a day on and with time to reflect, what a great achievement. Players stepped up and it was clear saints wanted it more. The squad has a great mix of youth, potential and experience, but crucially saints DNA flowing right through it. 7 of the 12 players used have spent some time in the youth set up. Coaches all feel for the club. There is a true identity and when you hear the likes of Alan Preston, Dasovic etc, you realise it's been the same for a long time. One trophy win in an era, can be regarded as exceptional and a series of factors coming together. 2 trophies and the recent success points to something else. Something more fundamental. It's no fluke, it's not just a collection of the right players at the right time, it's not just one great manager. Its years of hard work and many many people all pulling together. So where does this all leave saints? Has the club moved to a different level on and off the pitch? Well, this group of players has the potential for more to come. In the main, almost all of them can still play at this level or higher for a good few years to come. Off the pitch, while we are still provincial, we can now point to what the club is capable of achieving. We may not win anything for years to come (we can still do the double), but what we can do is genuinely point to success. Young players (and any really under 20) in scotland will only really know saints as a top flight team and now one that wins trophies. This can only be to our advantage.
  11. I was exactly the same. Arguably the semi win in 2014 felt more unbelievable, but for the final I was more confident in a saints win that I think I have ever been for any other game. Just felt like it was always going to happen. For this final, annoyingly I'm also pretty confident we will win, but as someone else said, I have no basis for it as Livi will be a fair match for saints. I suppose if anything, the occasion might get to them more than saints? Plenty in the saints squad have experience in finals etc
  12. When told that bar is temporarily closed, he said he couldn't commit to Saints.
  13. They are actually! Was passing a wee while ago. I suspect we will bring another forward player in. If we are letting Calumn go, Davidson will need to bring someone in going by him saying we needed an extra striker when we brought Guy in. I suspect it will possibly be either a loan or an out of contract player that doesnt need to be signed tonight. Maybe Stewart from Rangers on 6 month loan.....
  14. Jets are the new Browns Might not get gatherings as such, but there must be ways fans could socially distance but still show support before game - banners on bridges etc and fingers crossed celebrations afterwards. Beit Saints or Livi, would gatherings on parks the size of the inches be permitted by the govt if it could be guaranteed social distancing was in place. For example, could mark out 2m2 boxes on south in for households of fans should a celebration be needed? On the game itself, I'd have preferred St Mirren, but if you had offered every saints fan a final v Livi at the start of the season, them we would have bit your hand off. A great 'Initiative' saints could do is a chance for a fan to win a playing contract as a 12th man and be part of the clubs squad at the game (following all testing and isolation protocols obviously).
  15. With you on this one. I applaud him turning things around and all for rehabilitation, but just cannot take to him. The love fest in the media for him doesn't sit well with me. Shades of Mi*%son at Gr3tna for me. Martindale has done well no doubt, but the tea boy to manager story doesnt quite tell the whole story of his involvement(s) at Livi.