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  1. Nah, Galatasary game aside, assuming the capacity is at least 5-6k, pretty much every fan who wants will get. If say 2,600 season tickets and allowing for away fans, even 1k, that would leave 1,500-2,500 for not ST holders. That will likely be plenty for all games bar the OF.
  2. Just had wee look, definitely seems to be a fair chunk of extra tickets been bought. Middle bit of the east looks nearly full for the top section, with only a few individual seats dotted around. Will certainly seem much fuller overall than it has done for a while. Even just based on the ST's not to mention the pay at the gate/online game by game sales.
  3. Good shout. I suppose Craig might be the experienced head in midfield that we will need. I'd like Davidson in there too, but I suppose he will almost certainly pick up a booking if he plays and you know what so refs are like. I just wonder if he will persevere with Hendry given Kane and May possibly not 100%. Either way, great to have such options. Boys are going to have to put some shift in on Thursday. I think this will be the game(s) where we see McCann move to another level and increase the attention in him.
  4. Still no word on it being shown on a non illegal stream? Would have thought Saints TV could show it? On the game, I'd go with much the same 11 as Saturday. Whole squad will need to be used though as I can imagine the heat will be a factor. I wonder then if MOH might be used as an impact sub with his pace as they tire a bit? Obviously, need to keep it tight. The nightmare would be to loose early as that would end up a long night. If we can stifle them, then their fans might get a bit restless and they start getting too adventurous, which might allow us to hit them on the break. Obviously want a win, but so long as we come away keeping the tie still alive, that would be a result.
  5. I would say it is, but also Hibs's negotiating history. By turning down fairly big bids before, they will have a reputation of playing hardball and when they say they want nearer x, buying clubs will know they are serious. That's where we need to get to in order to get top $ for our players. The rejection (so far) of offers from Rotherham and Hibs will let clubs and agents know we are no pushovers and may mean we get more for in-contract players in the future eg McCann. 5-10 tears ago, we'd never have turned down the kind of money we have for a player in the last 12 months of their contract. Worth nothing with Hibs too, there is a development fee element, so for Doig, there is a base there already that doesnt apply to say Rooney or McCart.
  6. Is that from the club?
  7. Sounds like the european football is starting to capture folks imagination. I had a wee look at the map and it looks like they are now showing available/unavailable seats in the ormond. Only looks like a handful taken up though. Without counting looks maybe 60-70 seats. Would put your total maybe 40-50 shy of 2,500, excluding the padded seats. Any idea how maybe non season ticket holder home fans we usually get for each game?
  8. Who says it won't be both..... Big Eeto rocking a red and white striped away kit.
  9. What might be a sway for players now though is that as opposed to historically, the option to come to saints might also give you a winners medal. Of course, players will want the money, but some may accept a fraction less to go to a club where they realistically might win something. Clearly has to be only a small difference in cash though.
  10. If you read into the fact we are even looking at another striker or even 2, you would have to assume that Davidson is maybe of the assumption Hendry might be heading off. Going by last season, he seems to only want 3 senior strikers in the squad. He could of course be wanting extra bodies in in case of a European run, but my gut feel is that he is seeing how well Hendry does pre season and if he isn't right on it, then he might be away. Certainly, Hendry's body language on Saturday didnt look like that of someone absolutely buzzing for a new season, although, I thought he actually had a decent enough game. I'm sure there will be plans too for Central defence. We are a bit light there and if we loose even 1, then need to at least replace him. I know Booth, Rooney and possibly brown can play there, but then you are leaving yourself short on full backs. Could Bates maybe be an option?
  11. The best solution would be to set aside an 'away' end. Games are always better when there is some away fans. I'm sure the rules are about international travel, so if you are a Galatasary fan in Scotland, it is a bit rubbish if you could go and see your team, but are barred. Surely too, from a security perspective it is better to have all 'away' fans together and not dotted around the place in with home support. However, UEFA are a bit inflexible when it comes to these things. They would argue that almost all of the big European clubs will have fans in whatever country they play in. Easier for them to just allow mixing of fans and put the responsibility back onto the home club for selling tickets. Personally, would love 10k Saints fans, bit if we only sold 2k home tickets, then ebooks rather 2k away fans to pack the place out. Gut feel is that we will have restricted capacity, so will be pretty restricted general sale.
  12. Eh no, well certainly what I suggested was if there was loads of folk suddenly pitching up with Turkish names it might just be a flag to the club. That's not racist. It's the same as if Saints are playing Rangers and we got a whole load of ticket requests for the saints end from Larkhall, club would maybe ask a question. I say that as I didnt have a season ticket a few years back and because of a change in circumstances, was able to go to a home game vs Rangers. Lived Glasgow way at the time and got a hell of a grilling when I phoned the ticket office to try and get tickets. I am merely sating that if suddenly loads of Turkish guys phoned up wanting tickets, the club might just be a little suspicious or certainly they should be if we are not allowed Galatasary fans in.
  13. Actually, if the latest figures quoted are accurate, then we are not far off this. Main stand holds 3,100 (give or take a handful) and the padded seats and directors boxes take up around 550 seats. That leaves 2,550 for the normal fans. If we have 2,300 already between the main and the east, then only 250 available seats. I'm guessing the ormond ST's wont be massive, but alone might not be just too far off that. Even if you assume say 100, then that's just c150 available, which at the rate of sales, may be gone in a couple of weeks. Of course, the Ormond sales could be higher than 100 and given continuing covid restrictions, the section behind the dugout might need to be off limits, so not impossible that we are there already I would imagine the club may be of the view that a fair chunk of ST holders dont go to OF games (sure it was 40% a few years back) so might still look to shift fans, but not sure that would be a clever move.
  14. Was thinking exactly the same thing. Let's all be honest, if we lived in Turkey, we'd be doing the same. I dont think the Saints database is particularly up to date. In an ideal world, the club would have/still could, fire out a tweet to ask fans to e-mail the club with their details to be added to the database. Dont want any saints fans to miss out. I would imagine the club may go down the route of ST holders being allowed to buy x number of extra tickets, I.E ST holders vouch for fans. Obviously if the club see loads of requests from folk with very obviously Turkish surnames, they could do a wee follow up. Back in the day the club would have issued vouchers at the game(s) before hand. Maybe do something similar, I.E if your name isn't on club database, only way to buy a ticket is to buy for Galatasary game and next league game. If a genuine fan cannot make next league game, club can deal with those request on an individual basis.