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  1. Still trying to sort out the mess from you and Nory haha
  2. Hi T.Mcneill99 If you can send me a direct message that would be great.
  3. Cannae wait to see Ghostie in his penguin suit with spinning bow tie then
  4. Is it a strict Black tie event or not? As if it is that is bow ties the lot
  5. He was the one player to open their defence up by running with the ball. Not his fault that Maclean and Tade and Chris Millar left their shooting boots at home.
  6. Vine tormented the back 4 of ICT on the friday night game and is one of our best options. Crazy to even talk of dropping him after one rather poor game. Only change I would like is Liam Craig in for Chris Millar as this gives us a better balance.
  7. His reaction as the winner went in says it all and how much he cares for the team. It was almost like a mourinho run and jump and pump your arms in the arms. Quite refreshing to see (especially after being slagged of for standing with folded arms against Aberdeen) . Although I bet very few fans seen it as would be celebrating the team
  8. Would love to see Paulo Sergio (ex Hearts manager) in charge. Really impressed me last season.
  9. Some one been playing Football Manager too much.....
  10. Has not signed. Was with him at sponsors night and no deal done. He wants to stay and play though so cannot see any problems.
  11. this season, when i was on the away gate in the main stand, they had a bar facility for that game (Cant remember what team it was) but it was well received by the fans as they come into the ground (was one of the side rooms). great forward thinking for the club. get fans in early and give us even more money
  12. Muzza for me. Head and shoulders above any player on the park. Bad miss right enough. Scouts from West Ham, Crystal Palace and Watford will no doubt have been impressed.