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  1. true mate if someone said that about me i would be breaking his nose maybe because these guys can handle it says more about them still does not make it right
  2. fair enough silly logic but clearing a ball and playing offside are something any full back should be able to deal with esp maybury who has played left back loads.for me the only mistake del made was thinkin they are a better side than they are in sayin that they still had chances on the break which i think was his reason for tinkering in the first place
  3. does not change the fact that it is wrong ,to much has been let go in the past that has brought you to think that its ok for him to call someone a handicap or a waister,
  4. i am not mis-interpeting anything i know exactly what he was saying and so do you, the fact you justify it is also a tad worrying
  5. maybury and smith had bad start to the game last and got themselves together nothin to do with positions or tactics a pro player should be able to clear a ball and know when to play offside no matter his position on the field cant blame the manager for that
  6. he is allowed an opinion that the manager is handicapped do you understand what he is saying? thats vile whatever way you paint it
  7. del is young and will learn? so the fact that sir alex ferguson with john oshea and evra against stoke on sunday,walter smith with broadbean against man u and whitaker against valencia,houllier with beye last night and wenger with eboue last night all used the very same tactic. thats without telling you the times that jose,wee gordan,martin oneil and even leven for scotland have done the same but dont let that get in the way of your wee i know better moment, time you guys let your tactical knowhow have a break for while.the reason that danny was played there is because he does not stop crosses in to the box enough there was nothing wrong with the tactics last night it was 3 errors that cost us plain and simple,well done and unlucky saints cut out the errors and they are there for the taking on saturday.101 you are now not even worth a laugh what you said about the manager is disgusting,why you are allowed a platform to spill your bile is beyond me time for mods to stand up and be counted i think?
  8. yeah if i have 10 minutes with no hire i look up the net
  9. sorry folks i was not trying to be a smart arse, know it all.just got talking to someone in my cab in glasgow.told me half a story and i thought i would have a bit off a laugh and annoy 101 i promised the guy i would not say any names and i thought it would be out today
  10. for pete's sake its not him man
  11. no mate you will find out tomorrow
  12. who? what the hell are you going on about.i said ex-premiership not reserve.
  13. not struggling at all has a choice of 3 keepers plus one who has done well in pre-season i am not telling you anything you dont know already though
  14. on my phone mate to much hassle will catch up soon but he is coming and playing on saturday
  15. not blue in premiership. blue after that cant say anymore