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  1. Seems Bob Reid is Bruce McDiarmid's nephew. The 20 percent share was what Bruce got in exchange for his land so I assume Bob inherited them when Bruce died.
  2. Who is Bob Reid? In the most recent publicly available list of shareholders he has by far the biggest holding after GB. Bob Reid owns exactly 20 percent of the shares in fact. No particular reason for wanting to know, just nosey.
  3. I know Andy although I haven't actually seen him since about 1984(?) as he went off to join the foreign legion. I know the Little family as they stayed near us in Hunters I think (I was too young then to remember) and then lived a couple of streets away when both our families moved to North Muirton.
  4. Ha ha, I think they replaced you with a bronze one.
  5. Any budding David Attenboroughs on here? This was on my shed roof yesterday but it's gone now so a bird must have pinched it. Maybe four or five inches approx size. Looks charred or burnt to me. Is it a bird, a cousin of Nessie or the spawn of Satan?
  6. If I remember right it was changed to one-way for horses and carts in 1837 then the street was widened about 1873. The pedestrianisation was officially opened on 16 Aug 1990. The Bolton Wanderers hooligans set fire to the Fair Maid statue in 1994.
  7. 1225117-309204 That was the code for last season, presume it will work for this year?
  8. David123 has restarted the league again but he'll need to post the code for anyone new that wants to join.
  9. David123 will need to post the code here then.
  10. Aye, but the church is getting turned into a classy Indian restaurant. (Don't hold your breath).
  11. Were you in last season? If you log in, pick your team name and squad then you should see yourself in any leagues you were in last season as long as the creator has renewed the league. 6 in already. Who will be this season's Saurez? Is Yaya worth 11million?
  12. Are we going again this season? 'mon the Dukla Doolally
  13. The way I read that article is it applied to their next game against Zestafoni in QR2, not us?
  14. You've got to like their club badge - club name, a fitba, on a red and black shield, nae fancy shít.