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  1. Possibly reaction to gogic going off. His defence are struggling now to link up with their midfield
  2. If he's playing RB in a 442 with Danny in front then he might not be as exposed. He needs a good performance though
  3. Ross and co were at the game filming on their own cameras today and the full game based on that footage will be on the saints tv site tomorrow for season ticket holders / subscribers.
  4. Yup 4-4-2 - Conway and MOH on wings, Liam and Muzz in the middle and Guy and May up front.
  5. I think a lot depends on the pitch. I'd imagine the players rested midweek will start. Might depend on whether Callum wants to go for broke and play 2 strikers from the off.
  6. I think they said the full game will be available to season ticket holders and subscribers tomorrow but only live stream is via peterhead's ppv
  7. I think if we'd been leading last night Melamed would have got some game time off the bench - and I think the same will apply on Saturday. There's no point introducing the guy if we're under a lot of pressure to get a goal - he needs introduced carefully.