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  1. https://www.premierplayer.tv/ My Account Sign in at the top right. If you dont get that on the screen and just get loads of subscribe options there is a link at the bottom to the homepage with the signin - on my Amazon browser it was hidden behind the AppleStore/GooglePlayStore banner.
  2. I was able to watch it via the browser on my Firestick no problem.
  3. McCann for me - some great tackles and didn't put a foot wrong.
  4. Ròooooooooooney !!!! You glorious 10/1 legend!!!!!
  5. Rooooooooooooooooooneeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!
  6. Jason unlucky - thought the keeper tipped it over.
  7. Clark, Brown, Gordon, Kerr, McCart, Tanser, Conway, Bryson, Muzz, McCann, May Usual bench but Spoony left out completely. So 5-4-1 with Conway possibly pushing forward if needed?
  8. Aye - total misspelling of Meadowbank Thistle.
  9. Not a chance that was fluffed but the disallowed header vs Hibs earlier in the season seemed to knock his confidence a bit. It was telling that when we got the penalty vs Brechin in the 7-0 game Hendry got it, presumably to get a goal and get some confidence back. I think May/Hendry at the time would have been a good pairing but if you're not scoring goals you shouldn't be a first pick. Confidence is a bit thing with strikers in the modern game - Kane / Melamed are both playing with a lot more confidence and hunger now. Even May coming off the bench at Rugby Park was missing that edge.
  10. With Middleton out, I imagine Gilmour comes onto the bench in his place. There was no place for Hendry in the last squad so assuming everyones fit thats the 18 players there. Not sure if there will be changes to the starting 11 - I'd like to see Melamed and Kane start up front. Possibly Liam in for Muzz but that would be the only changes.
  11. Signed until the end of the season.