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  1. Decent pen claim, hit the bar and muzz forced a good save. Should do better but we are creating chances
  2. Predictive text method of generating new player nicknames
  3. Looks like no Booth going by tannoy announcement. Plus tv just showed him sitting in the stand with Bruton
  4. May hendry start..may and Craig in for Conway and mikey. No bryson but booth on the bench
  5. Olly Hamilton off to Cowdenbeath on loan for the season.
  6. Hendry should have done better with the header. That was a real chance
  7. McCart too slow to close down the shot
  8. Good win and a decent performance.
  9. Think it was at the wrong height for Tanser. Saints playing well though
  10. https://tv.perthstjohnstonefc.co.uk/
  11. Games on Alba later tonight if anyone wants to relive the torture/glory (delete as applicable at 4.45)
  12. Callums raging in his interview. Not happy with ref and to be fair didn't hold back on criticising Liam.
  13. Liam Craig Red carded at full time into the bargain