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  1. To be fair to Callum his options there were pretty limited.
  2. Was good when he got on the ball but just thought, especially in the first half he was beaten to any high balls and struggled to win or keep possession
  3. I think the problem was the midfield was being bullied out of the game and so Kane and MOH had to drop back to help them so the opportunities for pressing Hart were few and far between
  4. We were asked to - we were pretty early into the area round Hampden though. Stewards were checking at the end of the road to the ground
  5. Street parking by the looks of it but theres a permit-only zone within a mile of the ground. Gates open 3.15pm so we're planning on getting through early just so we can get parked up somewhere near.
  6. Pretty short notice and not exactly handy for those of us staying outside Perth.
  7. Yeah thought a head knock meant the ref had to stop play as well. Too many players not up to par today. Efe, McCart and Spoony in particular. We missed Rooney when he went off -MOH had to do too much on his own. One plus for me was Cammy Macpherson. Thought hooked hungry, good on the ball and didn't waste it.
  8. I think it was more with adapting to the pace of the Scottish game. Hope he gets a chance today if only to see what he can do.
  9. Bryson, Muzz and Cammy all on the way back to fitness so Gilmours time would have been very limited I think.
  10. Steve Clarke disagrees - that's Zander snubbed from the Scotland squad again