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  1. Robert Thomson in the Sun - the Finnish club have confirmed the move and apparently we're just waiting on the visa/permit.
  2. Tuesday evening - got mine at 5pm almost immediately after the posting on Twitter.
  3. I take it all the East Stand seats are taken - the seats there were spaced out singly.
  4. Big chance for Hendry - if he doesn't make the most of it can't see a long-term future for him sadly.
  5. Eetu Vertainen - 22yr old 6ft 2 Finnish U-21 midfielder/striker apparently on his way to Scotland to sign for us.
  6. Agreed - guaranteed that if it had been either cheek of the OF arse then they'd be all over this like an OF fan scrapping for the last bottle of Buckfast.
  7. I got mine within about 20 minutes of the order.
  8. Working now - just managed to get our 2 seats booked - and only one seat away from my usual spot in the East Stand. Can't wait now.........
  9. Followed by penalty miss from Spoony.....
  10. Match passes will be refunded as well apparently.
  11. At least we'll get our fiver back
  12. Like it. Ordered it. Hopefully get to wear it at McD soon.
  13. Aberdeen applying for 8200 limit for their game vs Utd at the start of August.