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  1. Saint Dunc ya limp of sh i te, hope for you we never meet
  2. Doncaster,African players have home duty during the summer, S.P.L. sponsored by Clydesdale bank and he talks about tradition; in this modern free trading world
  3. still remains the fact that there mishap brougth us what we achieved (like it or no,but speak me better
  4. bullshit if Rangers hadnt known there trouble,we wouldnt have had the semi success we are now having.
  5. running up posts,wasting space here....mods do your duty slap head, when i hit perth, i hit you MODS do your thing now, i mean what i say about slap head (you should even report me to the police,because i am that serious
  6. We have only been playing european football because of the Rangers and we are still diddy
  7. told you to shut the fuque up,enougth now MODS,be pleaseant wanquers and ban me now,i insist how come WAP does not have a right to be forgotten rule,google now do? I want off this site
  8. this Slovak team does not impress me the slightest (we are capable)
  9. yeah,Europe! likes of Luzern are no way like Raith Rovers (the more european ties we can get,can only improuve/better our domestic level (the Rangers will be amongst us next season,probally
  10. Told you it would go to penalties (Luzern are an OK side.....ouf,lucky us! still we need that extra something if we want to go further in this competion (some of you just can not see past your own stuck up nostril,listen more to me and i will teach you plenty
  11. is obvious! with out a doubt, the trumpet players need really to bubble up their squeak....tonights match is more than a togth one and stop ranting all your pish about how easy things are going to be,fuquing disgrace!
  12. Olympic or Common wealth games (same shoite) is what makes the Pope and Queen who they are and what they are worth (and on top of that,they need to take drugs to preform (other more enjoyable ways to pass your holidays than following that crap
  13. just Pop them blue pills and say Hi to the gang.....result is to be expected ( there isnt gonna be no extra time or penalties to according some G. Mac might well score but will not avoid us from not winning tonight bookies latest?