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  1. Just what I said after Fir Park.
  2. Undergoing an update
  3. A split with 7 in each wouldn't be popular as you'd always have two teams without a game each week post-split for each of the set of 6 fixtures. I think upping that to 16 in the Premiership would be too many.
  4. Best wishes for 2020 to you, Cagey and all Saints fans.
  5. Whilst I agree about the decade, there have been many years worse than 2019 - try the 1980s for example.
  6. Any chance of a lift on Saturday? Marc? Neil? Norrie
  7. Is this what you mean, Eddie?
  8. Love the idea of the "lacquer room"!! Agreed about improvements.
  9. I take it that it has been confirmed that there's NO switch of legs.
  10. Price for Faroes 27-30 June £1398 (two stops)!! Price 22-25 June or first 6-9 July is £257 direct. Does someone know something about the draw beforehand?!
  11. Why don't you contact the club historians / statistics compilers, Alistair Blair and Brian Doyle @briandoyle77 ?
  12. What is your point? And what does it have to do with St Johnstone FC? Not sure this is the correct forum for this, especially as I too didn't read it. Unless you give us a precise, I suggest the mods delete this thread.