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  1. Born2Bru

    The Play Off

    Thanks. I wasn't totally convinced.
  2. Was saying the same thing on Saturday.
  3. Born2Bru

    The Play Off

    I have heard it said that season ticket holders should get in on their ticket as they will have only had 18 games, rather than the 19 they signed up for. Unsure about this.
  4. Except for the fact that Ali doesn't get a break, as I believe Norn Ireland have games.
  5. May have been ST holders unable to attend, ...
  6. Do you really reckon there were many folk who bought tickets and got no money for them? Is this fact or supposition?
  7. Don't know what you mean by ST holders "used" tickets. ST holders had to pay for any additional tickets. Who would do that and not "use" them??
  8. Maybe get a chance to catch up with you on Thursday in amongst the throng. Did you manage to get a ticket for the East Stand?
  9. Just what I said after Fir Park.
  10. Undergoing an update
  11. A split with 7 in each wouldn't be popular as you'd always have two teams without a game each week post-split for each of the set of 6 fixtures. I think upping that to 16 in the Premiership would be too many.
  12. Best wishes for 2020 to you, Cagey and all Saints fans.
  13. Whilst I agree about the decade, there have been many years worse than 2019 - try the 1980s for example.
  14. Any chance of a lift on Saturday? Marc? Neil? Norrie