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  1. Trying to work out the majorities decision,also need to know times etc too.?Taking into account it would be nice to mingle with our Norwegian friends
  2. OH YES WE DO,love the saintees WE DO,,love the saintees,,WE DO,OH SAINTEES WE LOVE YOU
  3. 3 seats please?(From Barossa st.)Tried ringing a couple times,whats this Howard arms business?
  4. rbaldock


    Anything being planned for saturdays match at dens?
  5. Thanks,we should have had our blue and white away day here.Other games v them january 2nd at home an feb 27 back at dens,love dundee games
  6. The derry?Surely the usual stand behind the goal?Also can anyone tell me the last time we faced dundee in a spl game that would be great
  7. Been looking forward to this one for weeks.Really hoping for a large saints turnout at dens.Cant remember when the 2 teams last met in an spl fixture
  8. What a striker jordan rhodes appears to be.He scored 5 the other night ,surely considered for a full scotland cap