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  1. Tommy seems more and more to be using deflection tactics to move discussion away from his own shortcomings of late Sunny training camp my arse. Yes, it probably would be good, but is miles away from being essential
  2. I do, but not looking like I can help out mate. Going to have too many in car. Sorry
  3. I might be able to mate, but depends on a couple of things still to be confirmed. I'll give you a shout when I know
  4. How many fouls can their CH give away before getting booked?? Every second update is him committing one
  5. Will it though? If Rangers insist he comes back what can MOH do about that?
  6. Not nice reading, but if you want to be a pro footballer, that is a part of the working environment I'm afraid
  7. I won't take my son to that cauldron of bile and hatred
  8. Great strike from Cummins, and great he didn't have time to think about it Exactly what he needed
  9. Yawn! How about thinking that TW would never have played that team had everyone been available? Injuries etc perhaps dictated the line up?
  10. Amazing stuff . Three scorers who didn't have a goal between them for about 4 months