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  1. Tommy seems more and more to be using deflection tactics to move discussion away from his own shortcomings of late Sunny training camp my arse. Yes, it probably would be good, but is miles away from being essential
  2. I do, but not looking like I can help out mate. Going to have too many in car. Sorry
  3. I might be able to mate, but depends on a couple of things still to be confirmed. I'll give you a shout when I know
  4. How many fouls can their CH give away before getting booked?? Every second update is him committing one
  5. Will it though? If Rangers insist he comes back what can MOH do about that?
  6. Not nice reading, but if you want to be a pro footballer, that is a part of the working environment I'm afraid
  7. I won't take my son to that cauldron of bile and hatred
  8. Great strike from Cummins, and great he didn't have time to think about it Exactly what he needed
  9. Yawn! How about thinking that TW would never have played that team had everyone been available? Injuries etc perhaps dictated the line up?
  10. Amazing stuff . Three scorers who didn't have a goal between them for about 4 months
  11. ^^^^^^ sick of being owned Btw, I think one person tried to support your comment in a roundabout way. Everyone else seems to more in line with my thoughts
  12. Yeah, could be that too I remember first time I saw him was pre season against Blackpool. I didn't rate him then He then changed my mind for a while, but has now returned to my 'first impression' That could obviously be linked to his confidence levels as you adhere to. I just can't see him getting back to a level that would be deemed as 'good enough' while with us. If he moved, he will hopefully get back to a level of performance that sees him being an asset to that team
  13. By your response I gather you are a bit of a smart arse. Not only was your initial post utter shit, your reading of people is too. You may also understand that sometimes fewer words are more effective at delivering a message than a long-winded attempt at trying to make yourself out to be intellectually superior to the person who disagrees with you, which I doubt you rarely are
  14. That, unfortunately, can be a sign that other players don't rate him. Whether consciously or not deciding not to pass to him
  15. If your read other posts of mine, you will see that I am more than capable of putting across opinions and points in an articulate manner In this case however 'utter shit' was all that was needed
  16. Agreed, he's not suddenly a poor manager. Sometimes things just run their course
  17. Remember when Ranieri achieved the impossible, winning the league against massive odds, beating teams with a far superior budget The following season, Leicester were awful. Dropping down the league, no performance, no belief, skirting dangerously with the relegation places The board sacked him. Pundits, players, press were in shock. How could they do such a thing?? A few months later, many of them in hindsight were praising the Board as Leicester found new life and turned it around. A brave, but probably correct move Ranieri will always be a hero to the Leicester fans. The Board didn't let sentiment stand in the way Are we there yet? You know what, maybe we are. Is this team looking like coming out of what is a real slump? Will it be too late before any reaction is forthcoming? Im not accepting the 'we are a yo yo club and it's bound to happen one day" stuff, nor am I not a real 'fan'. I'm also not fanatical or blinkered
  18. No negativity please. Tommy doesn't like it remember
  19. One thing I would do is push Mikey up against Logan. He's a pish defender so keep him penned back, and Mikey's tracking back has been decent if Ligan feels the need to go forward