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    Where have all Tommy's critics gone - just shows who knows best. In future do not forget that we have been consistently underestimated - EVEN BY OUR OWN FANS - since 1884!

    Yawn! How about thinking that TW  would never have played that team had everyone been available? Injuries etc perhaps dictated the line up?


    I'm more concerned that some of the players don't have the ability to spot the run.


    Cummins used to be guilty for missing sitters but he's not even getting into position to do that any more. The last decent chance I can remember him having was against Rangers at home. His confidence seems completely shot and maybe he does need a move to try and rekindle the form we saw from him in his first few months with us.

    Yeah, could be that too

    I remember first time I saw him was pre season against Blackpool. I didn't rate him then

    He then changed my mind for a while, but has now returned to my 'first impression'

    That could obviously be linked to his confidence levels as you adhere to. I just can't see him getting back to a level that would be deemed as 'good enough' while with us. If he moved, he will hopefully get back to a level of performance that sees him being an asset to that team


    By your responses I take it you are of a very young age - trust me as you get older you'll learn that being able to take a position and express that opinion coherently lends itself to a more rewarding debate for the both you and the reader.

    By your response I gather you are a bit of a smart arse. Not only was your initial post utter shit, your reading of people is too.

    You may also understand that sometimes fewer words are more effective at delivering a message than a long-winded attempt at trying to make yourself out to be intellectually superior to the person who disagrees with you, which I doubt you rarely are



    I feel quite sorry for Cummins. The other night he made several runs for the ball to be played through and the player in possession completely ignored him...after a while he stopped making the runs.

    That said, on the few occassions he has been played through, he hasn't taken the chance, so I'd be very surprised to see him here beyond the summer and leaving in Jan wouldn't completely surprise me.

    That, unfortunately, can be a sign that other players don't rate him. Whether consciously or not deciding not to pass to him


    He probably deserves January. I'm honestly at the stage where I won't be hugely heartbroken if he accepts the NI job and we get a fresh manager in amongst the players (as in not Callum Davidson).

    Thats not me saying hes shite, or that I want him sacked, just that I feel like we're suffering due to his familiarity with the team.Hes persisting with players like Anderson and MacLean, who have struggled horrendously this season, because they've always been in his teams.

    Agreed, he's not suddenly a poor manager. Sometimes things just run their course

  6. Remember when Ranieri achieved the impossible, winning the league against massive odds, beating teams with a far superior budget

    The following season, Leicester were awful. Dropping down the league, no performance, no belief, skirting dangerously with the relegation places

    The board sacked him. Pundits, players, press were in shock. How could they do such a thing??

    A few months later, many of them in hindsight were praising the Board as Leicester found new life and turned it around. A brave, but probably correct move

    Ranieri will always be a hero to the Leicester fans. The Board didn't let sentiment stand in the way

    Are we there yet? You know what, maybe we are. Is this team looking like coming out of what is a real slump? Will it be too late before any reaction is forthcoming?

    Im not accepting the 'we are a yo yo club and it's bound to happen one day" stuff, nor am I not a real 'fan'. I'm also not fanatical or blinkered