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  1. Very much this. A little bit of composure and a simple roll across the box and Cal had a tap in. Suppose that is the reason we are still waiting on a Drey Wright goal or assist this season...….
  2. Think its more likely they have added the amount of tickets Rangers returned onto the actual gate number.
  3. As far as i'm aware there wasn't many that no-showed. Rangers simply did not sell-out their allocation.
  4. Yeah quite possibly what is happening. Who knows.
  5. Absolutely no idea where they are pulling these figures from since KR came in but I can assure you that was not the crowd figure displayed on the Office computer 20 mins after kick-off. 7412 was the crowd.
  6. Can I ask, did you pay at the gate or had you purchased a ticket in advance...………?
  7. Liam Craig is only 33 years of age...! Seems to be this myth that he is approaching the end of his career for some bizarre reason. He is one of the fittest players at the club. Absolutely no issue in offering him another year contact at least.
  8. zero issues with the weather, the odd flurry of snow/sleet every now and then but its not lying at all. Forecast tomorrow is actually pretty good so I would say there is zero doubts surrounding the game.
  9. Is Ando not back with us then? season ending injury picked up at Raith I thought so had returned.
  10. How much did you know about James Dunne before he signed...…..? turned out pretty well for us did it not.
  11. First half only I think he played. He will be playing tonight. Would actually expect to see a few changes to the line-up tonight, Booth in for Tanser. MOH and Dre Wright both starting.
  12. Won't matter. He's out. Gordon will be back in.
  13. Well that's interesting take on the current state of Scottish football. I gather this joker spent most of Thursday in the boozer.....!