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  1. I'm not 100% sure what other games are being played on the pitch. I'm going by on what Chris told me last time i spoke with him.
  2. Have some people not seen the weather we have had past 4 months? Bad enough working on a golf course that's not opened yet never mind a football pitch. Chris is limited to what he can do. You have to remember there is only 2 guys doing the work. The pitch should be used for 1st team games only. New grounds man at Firpark demanded that happened and look how well the pitch is doing there. Chris asked for it to be 1st team games and the answer was no!
  3. Has anyone actually seen any other pictures of the new top?
  4. So, it turns out Crieff has a 51 seater and 2 mini buses going to the final. Great support from the Crieff hooligans!
  5. May aswel add myself to the list of ever-growing ex-pat glory hunters. Hamburg to Edinburgh. Friday to Monday.
  6. We sure are. Sitting nicely in the top half of the table. GIRFUY
  7. - im using this and its a great link.
  8. Queen of the South were the other team. Sure it was season 2009/10. Played some team from Denmark.
  9. Malmö done the same last season. Its mostly to do with the kick off times.
  10. Having games live on TV is part in parcel of being in the "big league"
  11. I bought one and it came in yesterday. Small but very good. Its now sitting on my desk at work.
  12. Thats life in the SPL, deal with it.
  13. Derek McInnes was quick to acknowledge that his players hadn’t performed at the level they have done recently in Saturday’s 1-1- draw with St Mirren an with that in mind was happy that his side took a point from the game.