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  1. Crap refs and Saints go hand in hand so we shouldn’t be surprised.. we do need to man up tho... back chat no point so just zip it! Can’t legislate for diving cheating so and so’s in the box but we do need to make sure we aren’t giving refs decisions to make because 100 per cent we ain’t going to come out on top! The league’s a joke and the fact we are half way through the season and they are still ars**** around with points to be awarded/deducted because of Covid highlights the shambles that is Scottish football. I truly wish that rather than rejoice that natural order has been resumed because Celtic and Rangers are slugging it out at the top they got their act together and got refs who are actually fit for purpose! In the meantime COYS...
  2. As someone who has watched Saints up and down all the divisions I can confirm watching your team relegated or just lose out on promotion on goal difference is the worst! We certainly don’t want relegated as DU can testify it’s not easy to bounce back! We have a rookie manager who deserves a chance.. I think I’ve said the same thing on this forum about Lomas & Sir Tommy. We all know that the only folk who want Saints to succeed are Saints & Saints fans! In general and I realise I’m being a paranoid Saints fan when I say this but we get no favours from refs SPl/SFA/media so have to work twice as hard to win/survive.. so the last thing we need is a manager not getting our support.. we aren’t too good to be relegated as often said by folk who watch 15 mins of our games every week, the best we can do is get behind our wee diddy team.. a couple of wins are all that are required to give us a kick start.. COYS
  3. It’s the Christmas tree formation they are just entering into the festivities ;-)
  4. Just happy we are still in the competition... it’s always extra cash for clubs like us... tbh Hibs were the tie I would not have wanted but at the end of the day it’s how you face the challenge. I bet no one gave St Mirren a chance tonight.. I know I didn’t.. just happy it’s a competition with no Celtic or the Rangers... has Gerrard won any silverware? Just asking for a friend :-)
  5. Stats show Celtic 14 fouls 1 booking Saints 8 fouls 5 bookings.. even the commentator on Radio Scotland questioned why we got a couple of the bookings! Reinforces my belief that Brown will never be booked for his first offence as he’d be getting sent off every week!
  6. Not even booked so will continue to maim!
  7. I got the first half on my season ticket... I didn’t realise it was PPV! Sadly I came off at half time & when I tried to watch the second half they wanted me to subscribe... was kicking myself for not keeping it running at half time! Hope the result is a wee confidence boost to the team, we have struggled against the so called lower teams in the past so I think we should just enjoy the moment! Do I wish it had been 7-0 in a league game... yes but a win is a win!, COYS
  8. These are strange times indeed ...in no way am I a happy clappy kind of supporter but we do have to give CD a chance.. I think I even said the same thing about TW, no one is brilliant to start off with... look at Alex Ferguson at Man U... this was never going to be an easy gig for anyone following Saint Tommy... think we should just get behind him and hope for the best and if we get to 10th place pray that Covid stops the season ;-)
  9. Funnily enough just ordered one from Waterstones at the weekend! I do enjoy a book with a bit Saints interest.. :-)
  10. I take it Saints management see what we see... midfield seems a bit lightweight, I agree with a fellow poster, no point in pumping high balls in to the box to what must be the shortest forwards in the league. Conroy, Tanser, McNamara capable of getting good crosses in but to keep trying the same tactics with the same result every time is a bit baffling. Time to regroup, decide what the best starting eleven is and stick with it. We can’t rely on teams below us underperforming ... time to man up & get on with it!
  11. Who cares as long as he is happy & does the biz! Welcome to Saints.. good luck!
  12. I agree.. I have no problem Saints being punished, however how many times do you see Scott Brown berating officials during and after the game? I can’t remember him ever being punished so you have to punish all or non at all... I still think had we been Celtic or Rangers today the officials would not have given a penalty, not chalked the goal off or send Craig off. We must know by now we are not held in low regard but no regard at all in Scottish football.. that is why we savour any kind of win because it is against all odds..
  13. It’s a difficult one to call, we have such a small squad with not much room for manoeuvre, factor in our injuries and it really is a recipe for chaos.. It is early days tho, I think if you looked back to any of my start of season posts I think I say the same thing every season. New manager, he’ll soon find out what the right & wrong formation ..definitely sink or swim.. Saint Tommy was still struggling with his formations before he left! I think we are in for a torrid time against Hibs, they have speed & attack.. anyway early days ... COYS