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  1. Exact same thing happened to me, bought it on Friday, watched a bit of the test match. Tried to login to watch the game and it said I hadn’t paid! Sent a couple of emails but no luck! Ah well I’m now contributing to DUFC
  2. Is Zander injured.. see Parrish jersey in dressing room pic on Instagram
  3. Wendy Saints

    John Davies

    Not like media to get a Saints player wrong right enough... John Inglis looked like he had eaten John Davies... if I remember correctly he was a bit of a ‘fairdy’ John Davies that is ;-)
  4. Can’t get on the site and I suspect it won’t just be me
  5. If only I could predict the winning lottery ticket
  6. I don’t blame the woman for fighting for her clubs survival in the SPL, but surely all his should have been sorted ages ago. Only 16 of the 42 clubs voting for a change to the league so obviously not much support for Hearts etc there. Time to move on for the sake of everyone, no room for sentimentality in football, I still believe if Saints had been in the same situation as Hearts you wouldn’t have heard a peep... move on...
  7. No surprise but disappointed that Ali McCann didn’t get Scottish football writers player of the year.. Lewis Ferguson, do you think it’s because his dad played for Rangers or is that a bit unkind?
  8. I know these are uncertain times, but to be asked to take a ‘brutal’ pay cut when papers report you are keen to stay doesn’t seem very forward thinking to me. This was probably Saints’s best chance to hold on to Drey ... most players I would imagine wouldn’t want to take a chance moving clubs at this time.. We will probably never know the true story... you would think after supporting Drey through his injury it would be worth holding on to him for at least one more season.. ah well that’s football I suppose!?
  9. Not much more you can add to what has already been said! Saints fans will look back on a purple patch in excess of ten years which included sterling performances from Steven Anderson. Most will agree that we as Saints fans were lucky to witness a team with no superstars, the majority of whom had served their apprenticeship and churned out workmanlike performances every week. Steven was the epitome of that Saints philosophy, I don’t think there would have been many games where you felt you didn’t get less than 110 per cent.. so to score the opening goal in a cup final seems the best way to remember a guy who you felt never shortchanged the fans.. wishing him all the best in the future ...
  10. Surely despite the current pandemic, it is imperative to appoint a manager sooner rather than later? It has been well documented that it wasn’t a case of if TW moved on but rather when, so I’d like to think our club would have been proactive and have had some kind of contingency plan in place? I feel Saints are currently missing a trick not having an appointment in place, everyday we are reading about another professional out of contract. I realise most clubs are in the same boat not knowing what/when things are going to happen so you don’t want it being a double whammy not having a manager too. No point trying to save a few quid with a late appointment when you end up missing some good signings?
  11. Just in the way we won the cup, the stars aligned, and I pretty much feel the same with TW’s departure. Most reasons that have been mentioned go on at other clubs, chairman holding tight purse strings etc, I do think it was crass of Preston to make insinuations regarding why he left. You either tell the whole truth or just shut up. I think the reasons are probably more mundane and it has been death by a thousand pinpricks. I’m sure history will eventually show that as much as it pains me to say it.. TW left at the right time. How many managers can leave a club a hero, and be able to return at some point an even bigger one! Will things be the same again? Probably not, but folk adjust... I won’t stop following Saints just because of a change of manager... TW thanks for the CUP, can die happy
  12. Davidson/McLean
  13. Could not agree with you more. Personally 12 Team league probably best as increasing it to 14 means more meaningless games. Realistically Saints season is at best top 6 challenge and at worst relegation battle, but at least something at each end to keep the season going ... think the last thing that’s needed is more meaningless games added to the mix. If Hearts weren’t in the relegation do da I don’t think it would even have been an issue!
  14. He might he phoned my mate, said he’d rather be speaking to fans than doing DIY