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  1. There is nothing like supporting a community club, (refuse to call us a diddy club) so proud of our team no stars just good honest team like performances … fighting for each other… we all know as Saints fans with every high there comes a low so you just have to enjoy nights like these!! Just a pity that you just know we can’t hold on to this squad who knows what they would be capable of.
  2. Twitter had Glenn Middleton eligible to play tomorrow.. tweet was deleted .. I take it he isn’t eligible to play then? Pity
  3. Can’t believe Ross hadn’t done his homework... was it arrogance or stupidity? Bellshill Kafu pops up in an almost carbon copy of the LC final...once again Saints gloriously underestimated... thank goodness ... sad no fans allowed to witness a piece of history
  4. Who would want an award which by its very nature favours the old firm... Callum has two trophies to prove he’s the best manager let St Steve bask in the glory of winning a two horse race against the second horse who fell at the first fence. Times like these are special you just have to savour every second
  5. Had a laugh Dumbarton v Aberdeen come on even as a biased Saints fan surely our game versus Dundee would make better viewing!!
  6. I was at that game he had his head on the dugout wall and was crying ... in the ref’s defence I don’t think he realised but I remember feeling sad for Jimmy
  7. I do hope the team wear black arm bands as a mark of respect to the ball boy ‘manager’ Jimmy Wallace whose death was reported in the PA, ashamed to say we called him daft Jimmy when we were young, although no malice intended, so a wee win would be a fitting tribute. COYS
  8. What’s wrong with the old reserve league you could have a league with teams from every division, I realise not every team will have the workforce to field one, ourselves included. Personally I only see it benefiting the teams with larger squads. Really at the end of the day who wants a mini old firm turning the lower leagues in to two horse race.
  9. So happy that it’s Davidson on the front and not Martindale! I always got the impression from the media that Martindale’s narrative was a better front page! Rehabilitated thug wins cup against the odds! Not the well educated multi talented sportsman who excelled in playing football and looks like doing the same in management and knows how to conduct himself! For the record Martindale could have turned up in a frock it was of no real consequence what he wore but at the end of the day in my opinion the better team, manager, club won! Long live our wee diddy team... so proud!
  10. I have SKYGO from a neighbour who has signed up for premier sports package can I watch the game on my ipad/ laptop? Getting message record to sky box? Any advice gratefully received
  11. No change there! Only interested when the two ugly sisters are involved
  12. I think we missed a trick not playing our cup final team against Celtic so hopefully CD will play a strong team against Motherwell. I don’t like this chopping about pick your best team and just play it... Melamed must be wondering what he needs to do to get a start.
  13. I am vexed to hear two robust challenges on Chris Kane gone unpunished! Don’t know why I should be the least bit surprised when Roofe committed an horrendous foul on Davidson and the ref issued a yellow card almost apologetically! Our players never receive protection!
  14. Is it wrong of me to say I am sick of all the hype around Livi and Martindale? Commendable as it is that he has had a successful rehabilitation the media are already deciding on the narrative his name is in the cup as far as they are concerned! Saints needn’t bother turning up! So come on Saints we are always best coming in as the underdog.. I am sure we can do it!
  15. It’s a universal fact well known you visit Ibrox you get nothing! By the time a Rangers player is booked there will have been at least half a dozen fouls before a yellow card is dished out. If Rangers look in bother they will be awarded a penalty and should you dare moan you are told these decisions even themselves over a season ..aye so they do. Last night Roofe’s assault had it been done by any other team(not Celtic) it would have been a straight red card! So disappointed in Shelley & James saying that there was no intent as there so obviously was you could tell they was a lot of self preservation going on.. so really refs and pundits ensuring they get the gig! (Michael Stewart is an exception he never holds back ... where is he these days?) That fellow Saints fans is why we will never get a fair crack of the whip!
  16. I don’t get this move .. surely if a player is needing games they go down a division I think Saints have agreed to the loan with the hope Aberdeen will sign him and we get a nominal fee! Saints aren’t a future club you need to keep your assets and make the most of them before they inevitably move on. Doubt he’ll be back You could write the script with this one... hope I am wrong
  17. Can you believe Sportsound?!? Is it Celtic radio! You wouldn’t even know there were other games being played today!! Thank goodness we are on Alba if you didn’t know the score you would still be none the wiser if you were hoping to hear it on Sportsound!!! Celtic Sound more like!!
  18. What the cup game has reinforced for me is that I know nothing about football. What I do know is our results haven’t reflected our effort in games. I agree with fellow postee ..Aberdeen ARE beatable so hoping for the best expecting the worst... I still don’t get the tactics or team selection but happy to go along with the ‘adventure’ that is St Johnstone... never dull ... predictably unpredictable COYS
  19. Who would have thought at the start of the season amidst the chaos that is Covid we would be in the final of a National trophy. Sometimes I think we as fans are too hard on our ‘wee’ team, if you look back at our latest stint in the SPL it has indeed been a purple patch. I think we are lucky to have an honest hard working team who will hopefully find success on the 28th.. I know I’m a pessimistic Saints fan but it’s only the 3rd time in our history we’ve managed to reach the final and would you believe we won’t see it in the flesh so to speak. It won’t dull my excitement tho... so COYS you can do it..