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  1. They have their own covers. Got them from Motherwell FC when they bought new ones. Not the issue though. Pitch wasn’t frozen.
  2. Our crowd v Accies in January 2016 was just over 2,800.
  3. we enter the Scottish Cup round 4 on the 21st January anyway.
  4. It's only £14 for an U16 season ticket for Hamilton Accies yet £12 for U18 pay at the gate.
  5. McDiarmid Park had around 20 bus tickets left this morning.
  6. Perhaps if fans HAD showed an interest 4 weeks ago when the bus tickets went on sale Saints would have been able to secure more buses with having 5 weeks notice. You don't expect bus companies to turn down other lucrative hires on the off chance that Saints fans might decide they want to attend a game with less than a week to go, do you?
  7. I understand Some fans were waiting to see Utd result. But More than 50 decided they were going regardless.
  8. I bought my bus ticket on April 17th. I kept the faith...
  9. The tickets for Aberdeen bus went on sale on 16th April and were well advertised. Maybe it's us, the fans who have been slow to react?
  10. There were still 46 seats left on second bus yesterday morning.
  11. Two buses leaving McDiarmid Park at 9.30am. £8/seat. Phone 459090 to buy over the phone. They'll send the tickets out to you.
  12. Have you tried buying it from the online shop, MySpazz?
  13. Are the emails from Saints going to your spam or junk email folders by mistake?
  14. Today should be a local holiday...
  15. County are already playing Partick on March 7th
  16. It's international break that weekend. Pity.
  17. Cummings was punished with a yellow during the game though. I doubt he'd have been offered a 1 match ban at all by CO if McFadden hadn't been cited for the same gesture.
  18. "317 away fans with only 1 bus did not equate" Did not equate with what exactly?
  19. The Cummings (Hibs) incident WASNT missed by the ref - he was booked for his gesture during the game. So why is the CO offering him further punishment?
  20. We've sent our complaints in an email to No point complaining on here or on fb. Needs to go directly to Aberdeen FC. We copied in the SPFL too .
  21. The jackpot was 'only' £20,000, not £25,000. Nice though!!
  22. There's a tab on the left hand side of Official Site for Youth Academy.
  23. The Muirton Sweeties are sponsoring U17 player Kacper Balaban home and away this season. That's £50 that would only have been spent pickling our livers on a Saturday afternoon anyway. So our livers get a well earned rest and our Youth Academy gets some investment. Win win.