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  1. Agree, considering we played 3 up, we just didn't get enough players in the box despite having good possession in good areas. Created a lot after Martin came on cos we changed the shape. Needed players to run past Griffiths and needed someone to attack the front post like Martin did for the goal (and Kane did for Englands goal)
  2. No Happy wi the starting 11. With Brown and Armstrong missing I can't believe he has picked Bannon who I think is a decent player and Forrest ahead of McGinn and McGregor who I think would have brought guile and energy. Hope I'm wrong and Bannon has a stormer
  3. Barry Ferguson had put house in Wife's name (in 2011) prior to bankruptcy hearing. They teach them well down Govan way!! WATP (We ain't tax payers!!)
  4. Les is my brother. I remember Street People.
  5. Don't think that included the repayment of the £5 million to Mike Ashley, so does that make it a £5.5 Million loss in that 6 months?
  6. Rangers are using exactly the same tactics to unsettle O'Halloran as they did with Scott Allan and Mark Warburton talks about Respect for other teams. I think it will be the same result, they don't have the money.
  7. I think Mike Ashley is perfectly correct to challenge the Fit and Proper Person decision by the SFA following the Court of Session decision on Rangers use of EBT's. At the time of the SFA decision on this, the EBT System used by Rangers had been declared "lawful" by Lord Nimmo Smith. Now that the Court of Session has shown it to be wrong then would he have passed the FPP scrutiny if this was the position at that time. I don't believe he should have, although I have no vested interest unlike some in the SFA.
  8. Billic

    Scott Allan

    Apparently the deciding factor in Scott Allan signing for Celtic was when someone told him his boyhood heroes didnae exist anymore and that the club who couldnae afford him were indeed a tribute act!!
  9. Ibrox has just ben renamed as the Mike Ashley Sports Stadium, wonder how the orcs will feel about attending MASS every week!!
  10. Interesting take on the MASH Statement and good read.
  11. Does anyone else remember when all of the Lifeboys/Boys brigade companies came together and put on a show at Perth Theatre. I was in the 9th at the time but moved to the 17th soon after so I didnae have to get the bus to town as I lived in Strathtay Road. Think it was around about 71/72 maybe earlier. it was called Alex in Wonderland I think? Remember marching down the aisles and on to the stage at the end singing "For We're BB Companies from near and far, in every little thing we do we are, most cheerful and gay, chasing troubles away with the songs we sing for you" The innocence of youth!!
  12. As a Hibs supporter I've been looking forward to the play-off semi-final with excitement and a bit of anxiety. However after the announcement that Dave King has been passed as Fit and Proper I'm absolutely desperate fro Hibs to beat The Rangers. How under any evaluation can a convicted Tax Cheat, Liar and Director of a Company/Club who have been liquidated in 2012 be passed as FPP is disgraceful. I really fear for the future of Scottish Football as the people running it are morally bankrupt. Add in the timing of the announcement and you might just think there was an agenda!! Although I've lived in England for more than 28 years I've never stopped supporting Hibs and Scotland, but today I feel so let down and I'm embarrassed by the SFA and SPFL. Cmon the Hibees (minus Petrie)
  13. Craig Whyte and Aiden Earley re-appointed as Directors of Sevco 5088. Graham Wallace on the verge of re-signing as CEO of The Rangers. Also some really "interesting" blogs on this site.