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  1. Everyone hang fire, it might yet be covered on TV...
  2. Craig Levein was a big fan I believe.
  3. The ballot was done from the full season ticket database.
  4. Mark Paston was a massive disappointment
  5. Alex Rennie managing a part time side to the first division championship above full time Hearts is up there with any achievements of any Saints manager
  6. Thought it might be a good time to revive this thread from our last Scottish Cup final. We can’t ‘stand there’ for someone this time around, but who will be in your thoughts as our heroes take to the Hampden turf for one last time in this incredible season?
  7. 11 league apps this season, all from the bench. No thanks
  8. Willie Ormond did and does deserve it. At the time of naming the stand it was probably unthinkable that we’d ever achieve anything near what Ormond and his side achieved so that sort of recognition was justified.
  9. Been told there’s some rotation tomorrow
  10. A very pedantic way of going about it. Either way, it was clear and obvious what I was referring to.
  11. Planning began to change the display cases in the Muirton Suite a couple of years back with a ‘timeline’ of the club’s history being one of the proposals. A number of different reasons put the whole thing on hold and it hasn’t been revisited since.
  12. I wish the south stand was called “The Willie Ormond Stand”. Simply just “Ormond Stand” does the idea a disservice IMO.
  13. Looks like you scored zero, thanks for playing.
  14. Scott Boyd is currently employed by Raith Rovers.