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  1. Looks like you scored zero, thanks for playing.
  2. Scott Boyd is currently employed by Raith Rovers.
  3. Grouse is very visible when approaching from a9 bypass so anyone coming from the stadium at the weekend would see it
  4. Been told that the ground on the roundabout is too wet to get a crane on it to put a scarf on the grouse again.
  5. I seem to remember we had a trialist playing in a pre-season friendly away to Forfar circa 2004 from Barcelona ‘B’ or ‘C’. Sure he was playing wide midfield and was quite short in height with dark hair. Does anyone else remember this/have a name? Or have I completely made this up?
  6. The Scottish Cup place would go to third. Third place euro spot would go to fourth, fourth to fifth and fifth to sixth. Remember there’s a new competition next season.
  7. Broadfoot one of them, Dikamona and Findlay the others.
  8. Also just read they now have two positive covid cases...
  9. Kilmarnock missing three of their first choice centre backs.
  10. No truth in that at all I'm afraid.
  11. Full squad to choose from as of yesterday. Melamed was the only doubt but I believe he's available.