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  1. Pretty rank game of football. Thistle were never going to score. David Wotherspoon was the difference between the sides - touch of class to set up Stevie May. That performance should see Banks confirm his place at the World Cup. Absolute rock. P.s. Two garydavidsons, there's only two garydavidsons, two garydaaaavidsons...
  2. This will be only my third game of the season. I am yet to see Saints....lose a goal. Rosenborg (A) 1-0 Inverness (H) 4-0 Mayzo, Hassa, (Macca) - the most potent striking trident in the SPFL with 17 goals between them. If we can keep it tight at the back, the fact is we will score goals and there is no reason why we can't win this game.* *I do realise, as a Saints supporter that there are MANY reasons why we can't and probably won't win this game. 0-0
  3. That was my first game since returning from Sweden. The last game I saw was in Trondheim so the level of performance we reached yesterday came as no surprise. Still, an absolute pleasure to watch. My man of the match had to be Macca-Midgey-May. The complete player.
  4. McCallum


    This is ridiculous. If there was ever going to be a statue of anyone, of COURSE there's only one man it could be. Rachid Djebaili.
  5. Starting to sink in how big this game is. What an opportunity but regardless of the result, we have done a fantastic job. It was an absolute joy to be part of the victory in Trondheim with so many Saintees, gutted I wont be making it tonight but give an extra shout for me and the Swedish Saints. Lets finish them off in style.
  6. One of the best nights of my puff. So proud to be a Saintee. As many have said, I was just delighted to be there in the first place but to win, and in the manner that we did was just unreal. Came along with crazy Rab and some Fränsta teammates who loved it. Was great to see Al C, Pink, Frewser, Born2Bru, Soulfulsaint n Mike, Stu and many more Saintees. Had to travel back to Sweden after the game so missed the crazy celebrations but before we left, we popped in to the gaffer's Norwegian mates pub. Full of Rosenborg fans who were all great lads and congratulatory. "Beer and pizza on the house for the Scottish wankers" was a nice touch. Big party in the middle of a forest outside Fränsta last night. I pop away for a piss and in the distance I can hear a chorus of "we hate Dandee n we hate Dandee" followed by "Richie Breetain, yer a wanka, yer a wanka" Beautiful.
  7. Here in Sweden, I quickly realised that nobody drinks a drop during the week but come the weekend, everyone goes absolutely wild with the drink and Snus. "Skål" was the first word I learnt here. Though I've got everyone saying saying 'slange' now! Prepare for some Swedish Saints in attendance, Vegard. Some added spice my friend!
  8. Best possible draw for me. Absolutely delighted. Trondheim is between 4-5 hours drive from me in Fränsta, Sweden. Rounding up the lads from the football team, this is going to be massive!
  9. Granted, in the cities, a pint is pretty steep. But I'm sure you can get it on the cheap in certain places. In terms of my experience, to get beers I have to go to the hardware store to order them and they arrive 2 or 3 days later. Most folk just brew their own stuff here, in particular, Moonshine which has been scientifically proven to fuel rockets. And beat the occasional wife.
  10. I'm living in a town called Fränsta (central Sweden), playing football for Fränsta IK in the Swedish 5th Division. I am praying Saints draw a Swedish side. The people are amazing and there would be a decent crowd from here up for it. Couldn't afford Turkey last year which was an absolute gutter. So far possibilities are Malmö FF & Gefle (1st round). Hacken & Svenska Cupen Winners (our round). It's happening!
  11. Party time here in Sweden. Couldn't believe how smoothly it went today, was expecting a nerve shredding 2nd half. So proud to be a Saintee, still wearing my top. The place is absolutely buzzing and I do not believe for one second that it has anything to do with the fact Sweden just became World Champions of ice hockey. This was Saints' doing.
  12. I should be up for this along with at least 2 others. Watched the Aberdeen game there along with Joss n co. They gave us a table up the stairs with a screen right next to it, although they chose to play the commentary from El Classico - a truly meaningless game compared to St. Johnstone v Aberdeen. Silenced the place when Tade notched.
  13. Belter of a day, think I've just found my voice again. I think the last song recorded was 'Darren Dods, Dods, Dods' at around 4am outside the Riverboat Casino. A good shift, by all accounts!
  14. Your patter continues to live up to your username. Well done.