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  1. We'll be in Riga for a few hours on Tuesday before getting the overnight bus down to Vilnius
  2. Any one flying out via Riga? 17 euro for the bus to Vilnius. If there are a few bodies going that way, booking a transfer might be the answer.
  3. I see everybody's booking. Is it confirmed we're home first?
  4. I'd have thought the pots for round 2 would be up by now
  5. Sorry due to circumstances outwith our control, the 16 seater bus to Dingwall on Sunday will not be running.
  6. We have a 16 seater going to Ross County on Sunday leaving 10.30am. Still got 3 seats available, pm if interested.
  7. I've still to get mine. Had to put it back a month so I could go to Luzern
  8. I think any money from Mays transfer will be used for wages rather than transfer fees
  9. Yeh I get your point, most rumors aren't worth comment but this one could have an effect on season tickets and attendances. Maybe an official statement is a bit over the top but if it is untrue, the club should try to get the word out, maybe via a player. They are right to ignore rumors as a rule but this one could cause damage.
  10. Really starting to worry. After the most successful season in the clubs history we release players but the manager is then told he can't bring any in. I understand the strategy of keeping a small squad and only bringing if players if necessary should there be injuries but it's obvious that TW and players aren't on board with this and morale has undoubtedly been damaged. SB could be waiting to see what happens with Stevie May on the transfer front before deciding on the playing budget but it's not ideal. What would be unforgivable is if the rumors about the player bonuses being cut is true, I'm sure our salaries are among the lowest in the SPL but our players were terrific last season, they won the Scottish cup for fuqs sake. The club need to make a statement on the bonuses. It's hard to believe how much the feel good factor has diminished since April.
  11. All for summer football. Yes there would obstacles to overcome but the benefits would make it worth it. Scottish football must have lost thousands of fans over the years who are sick of taking the time and money to attend games only to get them cancelled an hour before kick off. It has always baffled me how every club complains about the lack of money but how much money has been lost to the game through the installation and running of under-soil heating and paying for floodlighting over the years, hundreds of thousands or millions of quid? You get better pitches in the summer (I think I read somewhere the it has to be at least 6 degrees for grass to grow). We've all seen games be played in howling gales and conditions where Barcelona would struggle to play good football. Attendances would improve simply because it's a more enjoyable experience going along to a game in shorts and t shirt than long johns and a duffel coat. I enjoy going to away games and given the opportunity would be booking cheap rail travel weeks ahead, but you can't do it because there is a fair chance the game will be cancelled and you lose your money, either that or travel disruption. Other countries do summer football and still can accommodate the finals of World Cups and Euros. In fact I would say that Scotland is the most northerly country in Europe playing winter football. I know winter football is tradition but imagine if football was just introduced as a new game to Scotland today it would be played in the summer. The only people who can make it happen are the football authorities and the clubs but I don't think they have the appetite for change. Why should they? Even if most fans would prefer summer football we still turn up for the winter games.
  12. I called the ticket office a couple of times. They were hoping that some would arrive today but nothing had arrived by about 3pm. Might be some here tomorrow, if not just have to get them over there