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  1. Was it 91 when we needed to win at Motherwell and we did, to much celebration, only to find that Killie had pulled off a result at Easter road? can still remember the players throwing themselves onto the pitch in desperation.......
  2. Spot on! Turn up to these games hoping for a 0-0 is not the way. Go at them and scare them....but don’t let them waltz through the middle like last night.
  3. If he’s in quarantine he will be in the hoose.
  4. Is there radio coverage of the game?
  5. And there was me thinking I’d get slaughtered..... I will be tickled if he sorts it out. Felt awful for JC......
  6. The last time I started a similar thread, we went on an unbeaten run and I looked quite a t***. I’m sorry but the selections and formations engender no confidence. Happy to look like an arse again, but this doesn’t look like it’s going to work....
  7. This isn’t good enough. Could be an early taxi thread....
  8. Too early for me to start another Taxi Thread?
  9. Motherwell on form should have been soundly beaten. Over 90 minutes to at least equalise......poor.
  10. I think I have seen enough of Craig Conway now.
  11. It feels like there is a real desire from Sky and the newspapers for Sevco to stop Celtic. I didn’t have time to watch it today, was there 5 mins of injury time? I was bracing for the last minute pen....
  12. EXACTLY:D Reilly took over....
  13. Is Muzz injured or suspended?