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  1. Bloke called Anderson apparently wishing to give financial assistance to all 42 clubs. Let's hope he's not paying for Hearts to remain a Premier league club.
  2. Like father, like son as the saying goes.
  3. Watching 'Still game' and Jack, Victor , Winston and Tam are in the Clansman. Tam says to the others, are ye no getting me a pint. The barman pipes up, when did you EVER buy a pint. Reminded me of a guy on the forum named Tam.
  4. Haven't seen Ballantyne play for some time now. Last time, he and Ali McCann were dovetailing well in the youths. Think he'll be a fringe player, making late sub appearances.
  5. Was expecting this from You. Ha ha.
  6. Read today that Budgie has consulted 2 legal eagles (christ, 3 birdies already), regarding taking court action if Hearts don't get their own way. Will Dungcaster call foul and ruffle her feathers, or will he take her under his wing and cave in and go batty under the pressure?
  7. Fake Saints pushing their Season tickets.
  8. In your case, it's to avoid getting your round in. Sorry, never realised till now that my spray went that far.
  9. Speaking of deals, am I correct in thinking that apart from the Sky tv deal, Dungcaster has failed to get ANY further sponsorship?
  10. As long as social distancing was observed outside and inside the ground, especially in the toilet area, with entry in one door and out the other. Also emergency workers and over 70's with weak bladders allowed in first..
  11. Spfl clubs can start training on Jun 11. according to latest news. Is it possible, that with only home fans being allowed entry at McD (when the season starts- likely to be August)) that there could be social distancing. Asking for an avid footie mate from Manchester.
  12. Apparently he's been knocked back, could be a close shave between him and Budgie's preferred Fan ownership.
  13. Probably due to having spent the dosh on below average players on long contracts.
  14. Dons chairman aware of the time needed to clean seagulls sh ite from the seats perhaps?
  15. There's everything in this for Hearts and *all for 99% of the lower leagues who's Chairmen are seeing thru' Budge's plan, which is just a rehash of her old one. How many attempts is Dungcaster and his cronies gonna allow her.