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  1. Joe the throw will be wishing that he was in the final.
  2. Aye, Livi's tactics seem to be, punt the ball forward at every opportunity and let the cavalry charge forward..
  3. Hammered at home yesterday I believe.
  4. Currently trailing to a 10th minute goal.
  5. Cadging drink again eh? Canny change your lifetime habit.
  6. Arbroath 1 Dundee 1 Scumdee are shite. 7-2, 7-2, 7-2. Dundee are feeling blue.
  7. Mick McCarthy gets the gig. Let's see what he can do & how long he lasts.
  8. After 6 consecutive defeats Cardiff get rid of Manager Neil Harris.
  9. Gilmour made his Arsenal debut when he came on for the last 14 minutes in a 3-0 victory in the Europa Cup. Will be 22 on 11th Feb. Just the right age for the team. Pushes Ballyntyne further down the list.