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  1. Taken me a while to realise that you run a taxi business.
  2. Manchester City v Leicester City. Didn't need VAR to decide that Kyle Walker gave away a penalty by pulling back Jamie Vardy in the penalty box. My question is, did Ref. Michael Oliver give Walker a yellow card, if not, why not? Never heard commentators discussing it.
  3. Are Brazil not an International side? What season did we play like Brazil? Are Brazil any good this season? Asking for a friend.
  4. Thanks for an educated reply.
  5. Haven't seen any of Saints games apart from the game on Sky tv. From comments, appears that the system being applied by Callum from his previous clubs , ain't working in Scotland. How long will he persist with the current setup, which from stats., restricts us from shots at goal? Or do we not have the players to fulfil the way he wants us to play?
  6. Traditionally slow starters each Season. Sure it will come good. Keep the faith. C.o.y.s.
  7. Believe that the building is occupied by Strang and McLaggan Funeral Directors. Also round the corner at Croft Park cottages a murder was committed. A father was convicted of murdering his schoolgirl daughter.
  8. Yep, passed yesterday and it looks big enough for both Companies.
  9. Aye you're right it was torture to watch. Makes me appreciate Saints more.
  10. Highlight of Scott McKenna's debut for Notts. Forest was a yellow card. Can't remember him making a tackle against Hudderfield. Booked for off the ball pull on Huddersfield player. Waste of money.
  11. You may well be correct as B&M have received PKC planning approval to build a £4.5m store in Broich Road Crieff , work due to start late Oct. 2020 and opening in 2021.
  12. Sixtiessaintee talking a load of what that horse is about to drop.
  13. Man with Bayne and Duckett carrier bag. Meanwhile further along Sixtiessaintee outside Malone shoe repairs, debating whether to get his Soul Healed.