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  1. Defo 5,000, with local authority approval to increase numbers.
  2. Sevco sign Colombian youth international and Irish bloke McCann for their B team. So much for them wanting their B team into the Senior leagues, to benefit the National team.
  3. Whatever happened to the Other Fin, that we signed in 2018, as a 13 y.o. from Shetland?
  4. Blame the Tory led P&K Council. It's their way of rewarding the Club with the Freedom of the City.
  5. Was looking for my post, until I realised I posted my predictions in the thread started by Steve McQueen in June. Do we need 2 threads ?
  6. As a S/T holder in the East stand, I have 3 seats in the Ormond stand.
  7. Book yourself and details into all the seats offered. Social distancing.
  8. Amen. Only another 111.5 miles to Perth from Inverness. Time for a pint. Nice to meet up with local Saints fans after all this time.
  9. Treat it as an away day.... oh wait . Give me a wave, I'm in the Ormond stand. C.o.y.s. Ya bass
  10. I will pass on the 10 Bob notes that You eventually stumped up, after losing a bet we had. C.o.y.s.