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  1. £120,000 compo for a new manager, then put the begging bowl out for £150,000 for their Court case! Perhaps they should have saved the compo cash & put it towards their case . What a way to run a club. I'd tell them to feck off.
  2. Could it possibly be that the difference between then and now is that the rules have changed regarding Court action. Also Saints dispute was with SFA and not the forerunner(s) of the SPFL.
  3. Dundee Utd away. it is for starters.
  4. Judge rules it's for S.F.A. to make the decision Ha ha. 2 & half days of Court costs just for S.F.A . to rubber stamp SPFL' s decision.
  5. Sales gimmick methinks. No way they will be allowed 7,500.
  6. The new Top has "Stay in control" on the front. STAY IN CONTROL! They're having a laugh.
  7. Thought 10,000 was Even!
  8. That's a lot, if they are to remain in the Championship.
  9. Accessed site and added details. Bingo! Instant acknowledgement it was successful. A 'Well done' is due. C.o.y.s.
  10. Quite a queue waiting for Spoons to take over the building. Alas they never lived that long.
  11. Not Like you, Union man.
  12. I was defending Cagey.