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  1. I had heard from various folk that have visited it recently that the entire place was a shambles. "Wouldn't go back", now it seems even if they tried they couldn't.
  2. News feed from arfc is that the pitch is playable under the snow but snow clearance will only begin 9am tomorrow morning. I also have a spare ticket going. PM me if you want it.
  3. I still have a spare ticket going. If anyone wants it let me know, I am happy to meet folk on saturday prior to the game.
  4. I have two tickets, so one going spare. Is there space in any car?
  5. Following an operational meeting with Albion Rovers, Saints have received a further 70 tickets for the William Hill Scottish Cup tie at Cliftonhill on Saturday 20th January. These remaining tickets will go on sale at 9.30am on Monday morning in person at the McDiarmid Park Ticket Office and by telephone (01738 455000) and they will be limited to two tickets per applicant.
  6. Ticket are on sale now.
  7. Thinking of a more famous Concord, I remember seeing Concord turn at Perth back in the 80's. The Open was at St Andrews and some American golfers hired it to take them over. It landed at RAF Leuchars.
  8. No problem, hats off to you for even getting it this far. Lets face it you have done more than most in organising these things down the years. I'll still raise a pint (or two) to you down Murrayfield way!
  9. If there is space put my name down. I'll only be going one way though as I am making a weekend of it.
  10. Check out the likes of when SJFC are playing. It is not just about BT and Sky channels. Some clubs have their own TV and no doubt someone will stream the game, Aberdeen for instance. That said if you are looking for home games then you will be limited to the BT/Sky games.
  11. Oh the memories, mine were Sweden Euro '92, oh happy days! Took a ton of money and no surprise came back skint.
  12. and here's me looking forward to hearing Craig Brown cheer on Aberdeen!