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    too old for hobbies.watching saints is my interest.has been for last 40/50 years.
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    part time delivery driver
  1. voted no.cant see the result changing steve browns view.more likely listen to his dads that`ll be a vote to keep rangers in spl.afraid loss of revenue talks before views of what supporters think.
  2. steven anderson has got to be my choice.always gives you 100 per cent every game.deserves his new contract.unlucky with own goal against dundee united due to encks mistake.
  3. time Mannus got a chance.Encks has had some scary moments in the past but feel that he should be dropped for Hearts game.We hear how good Mannus is supposed to be, so lets give him a chance to prove he can do a job for us.
  4. ye your right.I`ve only been following saints for 50 odd years so I suppose I am only a fan and I have been getting my season ticket for oh I dont know, lost count of the years I`ve been renewing it so I suppose I owe saints quite a bit.prick
  5. good idea.don`t take the car.I`ll just jump on the bus into town then jump on the bus to the football then do same after game.prob take a hour each great idea.not.
  6. Just renewed my season ticket and would like to thank our very generous chairman for giving us a discount of £10.A very good way of saying thank you to all season ticket holders for what we had to put up with last season due to the state of the pitch and games that were postponed.I then renew my parking ticket and discover he has increased the parking price for a season from £25 to £35.What a con.How can you justify an increase of £10.I suppose it`s a case of give and take.I`ll give you a tenner off your season ticket but I`ll take it back by increasing the car parking.