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  1. Due in court May 30th according to this link
  2. I will go in again tomorrow after work, no problem
  3. It's my local so me and Drew Blue will be there.
  4. Spoke to the manager at Ye Olde Inn, Said we are more than welcome to all go, however it is Gala day so it will be busier than normal so can't reserve tables or do anything 'special' for us, although they will be serving lunches / bar snacks as normal.
  5. Ye olde inn in Davidson Mains has large bar, lounge and massive beer garden. Nice place, 21 bus stop right outside - 5 mins on bus to the ground
  6. Pubs in Brechin: - The Stables and The Springfield both near the Glebe, both do good food, Hudsons and the Dalhousie, good for drinking and also near the glebe
  7. That would be great Neil thanks - see you at 6pm same place! Cheers
  8. Hey Folks ... Looking for a lift up to Perth for this game if possible? One way only required! Let me know .. Cheers Susan
  9. no worries, thanks for reply x
  10. Hey folks, anyone going to Falkirk game tomorrow who has a spare seat in car for moi?
  11. Hi All Going to Hamilton with my Dad on the train. Can anyone recommend a good pub for a couple pre-match bevvies? Is there such a thing in Hamilton? Do we need to wear stab proof vests???!! ***
  12. Hiya - I live in Davidson Mains but happy to meet anywhere else to grab a lift
  13. Hi - I am looking for a lift Edinburgh to Perth and return for the Tuesday night games V Falkirk and Rangers in March - can anyone help me please? Wiling to share costs etc .. Cheers, Susan