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  1. Meh. Rosenberg and Luczern scored against us at home. I see it as a good omen.
  2. Currently at the Legia vs Septic game. I estimate our friends from Glasgow have around a hundred fans here. In the Legia end but I haven't heard a peep from the weegies all half. I can guarantee that we will have a more numerous, more vocal and more passionate support in Slovakia next week. Makes me very proud to be a Saintee.
  3. I wasn't sure which way round the ties would be so I arranged to be in Scotland for last week. I was seriously put out when the draw was made, but I have managed to put my flight back till tomorrow. Best decision ever, even if the missus is swearing at me every time I call home! Braw weather too - Result! Here's to all us part-timers who only turn up for the big games!
  4. Apparently on Hospital Radio up at PRI. Can that be streamed online or something?
  5. The Manager too. I might be wrong, but I haven't heard a single serious quibble about him since he took the reins. He must be the least moaned about Saints manager since I properly started following Saints in the days of Totten.
  6. It's still £3.48 an hour, right? Position is now filled - thanks for all of your PM and applications!
  7. OK. We are going to be open to applications for the next few days - so PM me if you are interested!
  8. Yes, and Celtic could be due to play Legia Warszawa. Someone remind me to leave the city when that one is on.....
  9. Pop

    Fc Luzern Away

    Brilliant. Saints are awesome. I was convinced we'd take a loss back to McDiarmid.
  10. Pop

    Fc Luzern Away

    Tommy Wright. Tactical Genius.
  11. Pop

    Fc Luzern Away

    Not a squeak on the radio. A disgrace.
  12. Pop

    Fc Luzern Away

    Still a bit of a shambles. Anyone that properly cares is waiting for radio updates.
  13. Pop

    Fc Luzern Away

    20 mins and no mention. Shocking.
  14. Pop

    Fc Luzern Away

    Just sent them a message asking them what the hell is going on. 15 mins since we have been mentioned. Terrible.
  15. A couple - but we won't be making any decisions until later in the week, so get in touch if you are interested.
  16. 2 jobs going in Inveralmond - Check the Perth chat section for details!

  17. I have two part time jobs available at the moment in our small warehouse here in Inveralmond. 8 -14 hours over 2-3 days a week. It is principally packing orders for our online gift business, but there is some office and admin work as well so the person would need to be physically fit and computer literate. There is no (really) heavy lifting or anything, but an eye for detail is key. We are fairly flexible in terms of specific hours to be worked provided they are between 9am and 3pm. The number of hours per day is dependant on what needs done, with some days busier and others lighter. PM me for details. If I'm breaking WAP rules for posting this here, just go ahead and delete.
  18. Pop

    New Strips

    http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/home-news/hearts-fans-settle-clubs-debt-for-unpaid-poppy-wreaths.21763442 Already done.
  19. Phew! Their stadium set them back 60 million Euros. Should have done a deal with a budget supermarket...