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  1. Ah the good old days. The malnourished boy climbing up the chimney, always did a good job cleaning it. If he didn't he got thrashed. If the sweep knew you, he let you join in. While the boy was up the chimney, the sweep would give you a wee song and dance using a mockney accent. All for half a crown.
  2. Warburton announced as Nottingham Forest manager. Weir as No 2.
  3. I was going to go but decided to go shopping with the Mrs.
  4. I was through at the Scottish Football Museum yesterday. His jersey from the 1967 drubbing of the English is on display.
  5. Two The The loyal who stay near me are going to dig up Scot Symon.
  6. Send your teeth to me Athens, I'll brush them and send then back. £45 special price for you.
  7. I got 25/1 a few weeks ago. Put a fiver on. This is not part of my investment portfolio just a bit of fun.
  8. I put my money into property, bought a number of flats and put the income into buying more. Like you I got an unexpected letter saying I had a pension due. I got advice from a friend of a friend and put it into a SIPP. It only means a few pounds extra per year but the capital is still there. Worth looking into.
  9. Hey an that. Youse forget to mention those loyal supporters of The Rangers in America. The native people who are 1'-6" high an known as Weearra People.
  10. Sky Sports News reported it.