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    uphallsaint reacted to jhq in Alex Totten's Autobiography   
    That's the best post SLF has ever made 
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    uphallsaint reacted to john.w in Managerial Merry-Go-Round   
    Pint ya numpties so I canny type feck off
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    uphallsaint reacted to Abernethy Saint in Managerial Merry-Go-Round   
    The Royal sells paint? 
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    uphallsaint reacted to Abernethy Saint in Swanson and Foster fined 4 weeks wages   
    What's that then, about a grand a punch? Won't be repeating that in a hurry......
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    uphallsaint reacted to Shibbydoo in Swanson and Foster fined 4 weeks wages   
    Handled beautifully - well done Saints. 
    And well done TV for not picking up the fight. 
    Time to move on and let's chase down the fake Rangers. 
    I love supporting a real, well run team. 
    Tommy should be Sainted. 
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    uphallsaint reacted to Abernethy Saint in Catering Kiosks at McDiarmid   
    Catering Kiosks used to have a bit of pace as an attacking full back at Sparta Prague, but agreed; he slowed up a lot when he moved to Hibs. God knows why Tommy has signed him.  
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    uphallsaint reacted to blueheaven in Run in for Europe   
    My big "if only" for the season is that if only we'd made the terrific signings Paul Hartley made for Dundee, we could be swanning around living the good life in 9th place right now. Terrific manager. Tommy Wright should be sacked for not signing El Bakhtaoui.
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    uphallsaint reacted to slf in Saints v Hearts 5/4/17   
    That was you.you have the mouser .
    anyway away and ask if the chambermaid does tuck ins and can sing ye oh when the saints tae get ye tae sleep .
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    uphallsaint reacted to Ginger Bakers rebel army in Saints v Hearts 5/4/17   
    Got a few minutes left on my free wifi at the travelodge enjoyed the sing song on the Crieff Road.
    Voddy garden closed tonight 
    Looking forward to Dobbies brekkie in the morning and run up the A9 with a boot full of lindsays and murrays pies.
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    uphallsaint reacted to Shaggy Jenkins in Saints v Hearts 5/4/17   
    Real feeling of pulling together tonight from everyone...I sit in the main and there was some noise from the east at times with everyone singing!
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    uphallsaint reacted to Havana Saint in Saints v Hearts 5/4/17   
    What a fantastic team performance, they were all immense. Patin with some great passing, defence was solid and the front two ran all night.
    Terriffic spirit.
    Onwards to Inverness!
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    uphallsaint reacted to ejksjfc in Accies away!   
    Without meaning to trivialize a very serious situation within the club I would be pretty pissed off if RF left because of this because then I would be unable to ogle the rather lovely Amy McD from my seat in the East Stand when the match is getting boring.
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    uphallsaint reacted to Abernethy Saint in Dossers   
    When I finally got round to getting my chimney swept, I was astonished and disappointed to learn they use hoovery things rather than children now.
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    uphallsaint reacted to Abernethy Saint in Zander Clark   
    The third goalie role for Scotland has often been used to encourage and bring on young goalies in the almost certain knowledge they will never be called on in an individual game ( when was the last time a third goalie ever took to the field)? Given the risk is tiny, there's no reason why it shouldn't be rotated. Is Clark international class - not yet. might he get in a squad or two, perhaps after the latest qualifying fiasco peters out, to bring him on - why not?
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    uphallsaint reacted to R.B.B:- Adz in Zander Clark   
    I think you are misunderstanding me.
    I'm saying that Jack Hamilton IS the current standard. It doesn't matter if you can envisage Zander Clark running out the tunnel at Hampden or not... At this moment in time, it is Jack Hamilton that is third choice, and in my opinion Zander Clark is a better goalkeeper in almost every aspect.
    I don't necessarily think Zander is ready either, BUT if Jack Hamilton or Liam Kelly is deemed ready, then Zander is streets ahead of both of those players and is set for a much bigger future in the game.
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    uphallsaint reacted to montrosesaintee in Indy Ref 2   
    It'll be like two toddlers fighting over the keys to a space shuttle.  neither will back down, and neither has a ****ing clue what to do if they win.
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    uphallsaint got a reaction from Abernethy Saint in The Spare Seats Thread   
    I was going to go but decided to go shopping with the Mrs.
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    uphallsaint reacted to south inch in Managerial Merry-Go-Round   
    It appears he has after The The paid £300k to buy out the last 3 months of his contract!  Perhaps they just said they would and the Qataris accepted their word being unaware of The The's record when it comes to paying debts.
    As for Alex Neil he would not have been acceptable as he is an RTC.  R = Rhabhid, T = a word correctly banned by our Mods and C = Chunt.  Presumably Pedro is a member of the Lisbon Orange Lodge and the Sons of William don't know this means his family are citrus fruit growers.
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    uphallsaint reacted to Abernethy Saint in The Spare Seats Thread   
    Plenty of spare seats in Perth for the Lib Dem conference....

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    uphallsaint reacted to slf in Dave Mackay   
    Caddies still a fat bast ard
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    uphallsaint reacted to HOODLUM65 in Ibrox latest...   
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    uphallsaint reacted to Abernethy Saint in Ibrox latest...   
    Meanwhile, on Twitter.......
    My mum just walked in and caught me watching the Rangers game. I quickly switched it to porn, it's less embarrassing.
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    uphallsaint reacted to Pelosi in Alan Mannus: past his best?   
    Saints have been awarded €107,500 from UEFA for the involvement of Alan Mannus in Euro 2016. Thanks Alan!  
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    uphallsaint reacted to AthensSaint in Alan Mannus: past his best?   
    Alan Mannus is 34 years old which is prime age for a GK in this era. He still has a few years to go. If he isn't making the mark for us then we should think about it. I also think we need to throw Mark Hurst in to the equation. Our third goalkeeper is a Scottish internationalist at U21 level. TW is the one who knows better than all of us as far as managing goalkeepers is concerned.       
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    uphallsaint reacted to Abernethy Saint in Any hobbies?   
    Christ. I thought I was boring.....