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  1. You don't say that about her mince though !!
  2. Liam knows he never played well. He has grown up over the last couple of seasons. And you can see his mentality has changed this season. He wasn't happy with himself at full time, normally a player who responds to the fans at the final whistle he walked straight off. Bad day for him by our standards but more by his own standards. He will come good. He has far more better games for saints than performances like yesterdays. Muzz is just a machine. And to get wankin all upset was a bonus, he should of went through him too.
  3. Who will be paying for the new editing equipment. Couldn't of been easy to cut all the sweary words.
  4. You seemed to of managed ok for the derby match at home. Buying tickets that is. Making a non issue into something its not.
  5. Will be plenty of players floating around out of contract. If he knows a player who has a mortgage to be payed they would take what we offered to get a game out of them. The out of contract route has seemed to have a bigger preference for players this summer, or has it always been that way.
  6. . Don't worry mate. It's a 3pm kick off, you will stall have time to visit the chapel.
  7. I.went down the week before the first game. Was the friday. Big gates next to the Ormond stand were open, no one around. Went into the Ormond stand. Sat in the back row, dead centre. Just wanted to see the view.
  8. Yes they were and they had to be but it seems some are not happy at that and should really start too concentrate on Saturdays game, remember were a football team. Time to put this crap to bed for the time being and start to think of what Saturday will bring.
  9. Bring on tv with my late father when maskerey scored v forfar in the Scottish cup run on 89, he scores into the ice rink end and were on the corner of the terrace celebrating. That and being infamously one of the 22 Free the 22
  10. Are their champions league matches around that time. Sure their are. If it helps the club in the champions league then so be it. It will be in the best interests of the game.
  11. So is the talk true. Who is bringing the LOMAS OUT banner
  12. I work in Dundee with some Dundee fans and they expect him to be gone sooner rather than later. Don't agree with it but when did Dundee show loyalty to anyone.