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  1. Don't know what game you were watching but wasn't the saints game on Saturday was a clear back 3 that allowed scougall to go in behind strikers in a 3412 formation that even the boss in his interview stated. And as for your slating of Cummins goes on Saturday he won so many flick on's that MacLean doesn't read it was unreal he done 60/70% of MacLeans running for him chasing all lost causes he may not score the goals we all hope but he brought so much to the team on Saturday
  2. Mannus Foster ando Joe Easton Muzz pates Spoony scougall MOH Macca
  3. It's a hard one for the manager but these people saying that will Paton keep midge/muzz out for me pates is 1st choice central midfielder ATM
  4. QPR and Cardiff aswell blow us right out the water
  5. Looks a lot like the Alston picture from months ago
  6. Zander Foster ando joe easty Blair muzz midge Danny Macca Kano Subs Mannus pates zippy tam spoony Watson liam
  7. I'm hoping not but he is kind of manager that they will look at as a lot of usual suspects in England just got jobs. They might go for the mighty Mcinnes with any luck
  8. Tommy to be on shortlist for the Rotherham job after Stubbs sacked??
  9. We all dream of a team of Dave mackays with zander in goal!!
  10. Zander by a mile! Thought ando n foster were very good aswell. Be interesting to see if mannus had came and messed it like zander what all the mannus haters would have said