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  1. Scottish Youth Cup - Under 18s FULL-TIME | Deveronvale 1-7 Saints 7️⃣ different scorers on target for Alan Maybury’s side as Saints U18s progress in the Scottish FA Youth Cup! SCORERS: Steele, McGregor, Loudon, Northcott, Walsh, Ferguson, M. McFarlane
  2. eltel

    Lee Croft

    One way to look at this is - It is a set of fans , from the opposing team, looking to cause trouble by bringing allegations against a decent, honest professional footballer?
  3. It opens up a wider debate around 'Talent Identification' and I would split this in two. Firsty what can Lomas and his coaching/scouting team do in terms of spotting the quality of players we want, can afford, and how does he attract them to our club? Secondly what is the plan for the younger players in terms of attraction/selection and retention amongst otehr important things? A man once told me that typical World Class Athletes in all sports are made up of 70% Attitude and 30% skill. Food for thought!!
  4. The English Football Academy system should be seen as a opportunity for rich pickings in my mind, not just from EPL but also lower league teams. That was one reason why I understood Lomas was appointed due to his contacts down south in this area? Kudus is a 19 year old kid who scores goals and the simple fact was he did not get an opportunity during his time in our first team squad. In contrast at Saints we do not even have a Football Academy and our Youth system in my view is in need of an overhaul
  5. Soulful and Jiangsu - I'm interested to know how often you have seen Caddis and Kudus play competive matches?
  6. Mark Durnan is a honest hard working pro and a good lad so here's hoping he finds a club that will benefit from his attitude and skills
  7. Tomorrow against rangers we need every player, sub, managers, board members, support staff, fans and even the barmaids in the Muirton Suite all adopting a POSITIVE attitude and having a belief that we can win the game and well if that happens who knows what the outcome will be!!
  8. Truthfully, Falkingham is far too lightweight for the SPL. He would just get bullied, although the ability is definitely there. Josh is still just 21 and I'm sure the majority of Arbroath fans will tell how much he has contributed to their team over the past two seasons, would be a good option for our midfield in my opinion.
  9. Was at the game tonight and I think we missed a big opportunity to get a result. Mannus and defence did well, the Celtic goal looked offside from a corner that should have been a goal kick. Millar was well off the pace but midfield performed well with Jody my MOM. Muzz will be annoyed that he did not score just before half time, my main challenge to our management team is in the forward positions i.e. in my opinion Sheridan had a bad game and Haber made no impression when he came on, for the last 20 minutes it felt like we had the bulk of the play and at 1-0 down why not throw on Kudus? Sheridan and Haber have not scored in a long time so why not try someone new and fresh with a point to prove? Thoughts
  10. 4-5-1 formation for me tomorrow with Riordan playing just behind the front man, got a feeling he will also open his saints scoring account as well!!
  11. Does anyone else think Roberston might be in the frame for a start tomorrow on left side of midfield? Becasue it's United I would go with Muzz and Adams in the middle and Millar wide right, leaving one to fill Liam's spot picking from Moon, Riordan, Compton or Robertson. Kudus and Keatings will remain on the bench for U21 rule.
  12. eltel

    Lee Croft

    What an excellent signing Crofty would be for Saints, I agree he has given us a new dimension to our attacking play. It will be down to what Saints offer him an how that compares to any other offers from Championship clubs I would imagine
  13. Sure Steve Lomas and his coaching team has been pondering over team selection since the ICT game. How about? Mannus Anderson - McCracken - Wright - Maybury Mackay - Moon - M Davidson - Compton Sandaza Sheridan