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  1. What a result! Simply fantastic. Now let's hope the Georgia Bulldogs can beat The Florida Gators!!!
  2. I've had to push back a lunch meeting here in Atlanta to wait for the score to come in. Come on Ye Saints!!!
  3. Long time Atlanta Braves Radio announcer Skip Caray has died aged 68. He died peacefully in his sleep at his home in Atlanta on Sunday. Skip was the son to legendry Chicago Cubs announcer Harry Caray and father to current Braves announcer Chip Caray. He has been calling the Braves games on radio and TV for 33 years along with long time friend Pete Van Wieren. Braves Pitcher John Smoltz said: "It's a sad day. There are no words. Sad doesn't do it justice. I will always remember Skip for his humor and his ability to go about life the way he did. I gained so much respect for what he did and how long he did and how he did." Rest in peace Skip.
  4. Bill Barclay did a fantastic version of the 12 days of Christmas. If anyone would like a copy of it then let me know on PM and I'll Email it to you.
  5. Had a great time watching it online here in Atlanta!!!!! Come On Ye Saints!!!!!!!!!
  6. Awesome!! Mid Afternoon in Atlanta, GA will be fun for me in my Apartment!!!!
  7. I'm hoping it will be on in the States too!!! I'm gutted that I missed the Gretna Game but thanks to Delta Airlines being on their winter Timetable there was no Direct flights from Edinburgh to Atlanta on a Sunday!! Baseball Season is about to get underway and I have my season ticket for the Braves!!!!!! I LIVE FOR THIS!!!!
  8. Saints 2 - 1 Hamilton Scotland 2542
  9. Saints 2 - 1 Clyde Scotland 4,442