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  1. Enjoyable day out, good to be back at an away game. Think we re in danger of going down the Celtic / Rangers fans route here of we thinking we didn’t win just because we think our players didn’t perform as well as they might, Ross County did exactly what they were set up to do. I thought Ross County were happy with a draw particularly in second half and used game management very well, something we also did under Tommy , their fans seemed happy to have got the draw at the end of the game which is really a compliment to how far our team has come. Had we scored the pen or if Liams effort had nt hit the post late on and sneaked in we d all be happy, didn’t see anything to cause concern this won’t be another good season.
  2. I haven’t received season ticket yet but did get email saying successful in ballot.
  3. Airdrie v Morton playoff allowed 500 fans in a 10000 stadium yet Cup Final only 600 on a 52000 stadium, must make sense to someone
  4. As far as I can see Celtic are only allowing their own season tickets access to this game, it’s not live on tv either. Saints website confirms our fans only have live commentary. There will be ways to watch it via overseas links but nothing official that allows our fans to watch the game which I m not sure how the league can allow. I know financially it would be madness for Saints to do but imagine the outrage if Celtic needed a win in Perth to win the league and we only allowed our own season tickets either in or to watch online.
  5. I find it incredible that the league rules allow Celtic to not allow away fans a legitimate way to see their team on Sunday. I know there are other ways to see the game but can’t help but think if this was the other way round there would be a big fuss made.
  6. I have connections to Brora as my wife’s family live there and go to watch them when up there so see them a few times each year. The Brora not wanting to come up and throwing the game against Montrose is a bit of a myth that’s grown over the years. What is true is that in the build up the Brora chairman did express concerns as to how it would work for the club to be in the Scottish league with the traveling involved and extra costs, also the small size of their support. They went into the games giving it a good go though. When Brora played Kilmarnock in the cup there were 400 fans in the Away end at Rugby Park, that equates to a third of the village. They didn’t forfeit or throw the game against Montrose, I was as all the games, they played Edinburgh City and beat them over two legs. They beat Montrose in Brora but in the second leg with the score at 1-1 they had their best player and captain Steven MacKay sent off around half time. Montrose did score two late goals but not because Brora threw it, it was two late goals scored against a tired 10 men playing a fourth tough game in a short period of time. Having seen how well Cove have done I think Brora now most definitely want promotion, a play off with Kelty would have been very close, I think both teams would have won their home games with whichever team who won beating Brechin, We ll never know though. The team back when they played Montrose had a lot of older ex Inverness and Ross County players, now Steven MacKay is the manager and they have a younger team. Not sure what the play off situation is at end of this year, Lowland league are aiming to play full season whereas Highland league are playing a shortened season so possibly the Highland league winners could be fresher for play offs.
  7. Finished it tonight. Great read , really captures a picture of what you d imagine Perth and society was like in the 30s. Not about football but Saints and local Junior scene get mentioned.
  8. My preordered copy came today. Not read it yet but glanced through it and the book took me to page 181 Looks a good read for any Saints fans and Perth folk.
  9. Agree a lot of the games so far have not been good to watch. I think this becomes more obvious when watched on tv and no crowd as there is nothing to distract from the poor game. The longer games are played this way I wonder if the pressure to have a more entertaining style will rise. I d be interested to know what figures look like for purchasing these games. I imagine low 100s for non season ticket purchases but could be wrong.
  10. Anyone buy the programme and if so have you got it ? I m not finding Curtis Sport great at all, bought the annual subscription, got Aberdeen programme ok but since then nothing. No Hibs programme yet and no programme for today, they blame Saints for getting content to them last minute but that doesn’t hold true if others are getting.
  11. Strawman

    Harry Curran

    First Saints player to score at McDiarmid. Branded a hammer thrower by Souness after Oleg Kuznetzof got injured in a challenge with him. Good midfielder who seemed to score regularly if my memory is right.
  12. I paid £95 for the programme subscription. Nothing arrived for today’s game though, anyone else get there’s ? The programme for the Aberdeen game came the day before ( Friday), of course the game then didn’t take place on that day.
  13. Liam for me, am I right in thinking his contracts only until Jan ? I d offer him 18 months now.
  14. Have regularly paid to go watch Saints at Ibrox over the years the same as all the other grounds, at this time buying the game to watch on TV is no different so I plan to buy it. Much as I hate giving Rangers credit but £9.99 is a decent price.