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  1. Probably loads of reasons this wouldn’t work but how about instead of top 6 you had top 4, middle 4 and bottom 4, middle 4 playing off for a European place or something, that would take 2 games away. The top teams would never want an all in draw anyway nor would the sponsors for fear Rangers v Celtic came out first round. I bet every fan who regularly goes to games would love it though, this year, doesn’t matter if it’s Kelty or Montrose, I imagine it will need to be all ticket and we ll sell it out.
  2. I’ve been saying this for a couple of years after watching Jeanfields early rounds of Scottish Cup, I think everyone being in Cup from the start is something fans would love. The early rounds bring some really good away games, every year you could see a smaller team get through to later rounds with luck of the draw, great chance for teams lower down leagues to make some money as well. There was probably as many Saints fans at Annan watching Jeanfield as went to Parkhead same day which just shows the enthusiasm is there. Imagine first round of Cup, Gretna 2008 away, getting it right round those bastards
  3. Are you talking about the game on 18 Dec ? I imagine we d get the South Stand which is normally for away fans, I have been there when we ve been given a section of Main stand though. With it being in future I doubt anyones decided for defo yet. I wouldn’t imagine getting a ticket bing a problem. If it is the game 18th your talking about, hopefully the Motherwell games rescheduled and instead your going to Hampden for league Cup Final the next day.
  4. Just found it, when a concussion sub is used the other team can make another sub for any reason. Learned something tonight.
  5. Thanks, didn’t know that, how do they determine that ? Does the ref just take the benches word on it as presume there’s no test
  6. What’s the rules on subs, I thought we were back to 3 being allowed, last year it was 5 but only 3 occasions, did we not make 4 substitutions today over 4 occasions ?
  7. I was just about to say same thing, empty seats in every stand, 6 empty seats beside where I was on East and 2 behind us, loads of empty seats dotted about. Brief look back on tv after game confirmed lots of empty seats. Main stand probably only half filled.
  8. I work some Saturdays so buy my season ticket in the knowledge it doesn’t necessarily make financial sense but want one for the convenience of it plus I know the people sitting round about me which is part of it. With the card system I d hoped we d simply go online and pay and the game activated on your card, clearly not as clever as that. I d happily at start of season tick a box that said they could take Cup games payment from me by Direct Debit, I imagine most season tickets would do the same if it was available . I always bought the Cup top up until they stopped doing them. Problem appears to be a poor system and lack of staff. I got tickets can’t help but think we were asked to back the club and did but they don’t seem to value us. Hopefully be all sorted for the Group games.
  9. Maybe because of the issues to system but I thought they d have put tickets for next Thursday on sale before the game tonight, just in case, hopefully won’t happen but a defeat by a few goals tonight is bound to impact ticket sales for next weeks game.
  10. Enjoyable day out, good to be back at an away game. Think we re in danger of going down the Celtic / Rangers fans route here of we thinking we didn’t win just because we think our players didn’t perform as well as they might, Ross County did exactly what they were set up to do. I thought Ross County were happy with a draw particularly in second half and used game management very well, something we also did under Tommy , their fans seemed happy to have got the draw at the end of the game which is really a compliment to how far our team has come. Had we scored the pen or if Liams effort had nt hit the post late on and sneaked in we d all be happy, didn’t see anything to cause concern this won’t be another good season.
  11. I haven’t received season ticket yet but did get email saying successful in ballot.
  12. Airdrie v Morton playoff allowed 500 fans in a 10000 stadium yet Cup Final only 600 on a 52000 stadium, must make sense to someone
  13. As far as I can see Celtic are only allowing their own season tickets access to this game, it’s not live on tv either. Saints website confirms our fans only have live commentary. There will be ways to watch it via overseas links but nothing official that allows our fans to watch the game which I m not sure how the league can allow. I know financially it would be madness for Saints to do but imagine the outrage if Celtic needed a win in Perth to win the league and we only allowed our own season tickets either in or to watch online.
  14. I find it incredible that the league rules allow Celtic to not allow away fans a legitimate way to see their team on Sunday. I know there are other ways to see the game but can’t help but think if this was the other way round there would be a big fuss made.