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  1. Is Morais better than JMW? Is JMW better than Cleve?
  2. I think Morais and Swanks are a level above both players. Trouble is Morais is a trouble maker and Swanks was a victim of Del's favouritism
  3. 101 Saint


    It's okay, it's true. I was told this by the half sister of one of our players. ;-)
  4. The guys at the club are horrified by his work rate. If only we could combine his crossing with Midgie's effort we'd have a player who we'd lose in January:roll: Having said that JMW is a lazy prick also so I'm not gonna pick on Cleve for his work ethic. Both are very poor players, but JMW looks like he's capable of creating chances, I don't get that feeling with Cleve.
  5. How terribly naughty, no wonder the normally well behaved Diet Celts responded with such neanderthalic behaviour. Good job nobody in a Killie shirt made a gesture to the East Stand yesterday:roll:
  6. 101 Saint


    It's a statement of fact.
  7. Because Taylor turned attack into defence through sheer stupidity.
  8. Gave it to Muzz for sticking two fingers up to my criticism. Brilliant run and jump. Great goal.
  9. 101 Saint


    At the risk of hi-jacking another thread, anyone got a very cheap runaround scooter for sale?
  10. Nice try, but those players were first team guys. Sad to say that I don't know any of the 19s very well. You and your mate are barking up the wrong tree, but it's funny watching from the outside...
  11. I'm not allowed to tell you. The witch hunt has reached fever pitch:laugh:
  12. I stand corrected, sir! Parkin was off-form yesterday but he still got in the positions. The problem with Jacko is that he was something really special - he's lost a bit of hunger, a bit of belief and a bit of killer instinct. He crossed from a tight angle yesterday, the old Jacko would have taken a shot. The cross was sclaffed and produced nowt.
  13. He cost us the first goal by trying to beat a man when he was in the perfect position to cross! He then did it another twice in the second half. It's all he can do, and boy can he do it well, yet he failed to provide a decent cross all game. He's too slow to be an outlet and unlike JMW, he can't drag men out of position because our rivals aren't fussed when gets the ball. I agree that I've made my mind up on him.