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  1. This bus is booked for the evening game at Easter Road departing Tulloch 17.30
  2. Bus now booked for the above game leaving the Tulloch at 12.30 See you there Tania
  3. The Tulloch Institute are offering FREE membership to all in the MPTC till the end of January 2012. If you would like a form then please call the club 01738 621541 Also means that you can call the club to book busses and can come in on a saturday as well Tania
  4. Hello all, The bus will leave the Tulloch 12.30 Hope to see some of you there Tania
  5. Hello, Sorry its so late Bus leaves the Tulloch Car Park at 12.30 Only stop will be Scone at 11.45 Tania
  6. Hello Guys, The Tulloch have told me that from now on, if your not a member you wont get into the club unless you pay £1 at the door every time. This includes calling to book the bus..i think its crap to be honest but not much that i can do about it. I have spoken to sally and she has said people can call her to book the bus. I am not sure what is going to happen tomorrow but just play it by ear. Sally is going to speak with mcDiarmid park next week to see if we can leave from there.
  7. No I have booked the lounge as a private party so anyone can come.
  8. Hello, Can you please take the sticky off the first thread in the MPTC forum thingy please. I dont want it getting in the way for 2011/12 season Thank you Tania

  9. Hi all, Meeting in the lounge in the Tulloch 11 July 19.30 Be there or be square *** Hope to see as many of you as possible...:D:D Tania
  10. Better late than never *** Saturadys timings 12.00 Scone 12.10 Bridgend 12.20 Dunkeld Road 12.30 DEPART Tulloch Have fun guys Tania
  11. Yeah leaving club at 12.30 Will post the rest of the times on Thursday when I am back at work Tania
  12. Hi All, Timings for Pittodrie are as follows 12.00 Scone 12.10 Bridgend 12.20 Dunkeld Road 12.30 Tulloch Institute Have fun Tania
  13. Bus times 11.45 Burrelton 12.00 Scone 12.10 Bridgend 12.20 Dunkeld Road 12.30 Tulloch Institute Lets hope they beat Hibs xxx
  14. Names now being taken for the above game. I will post times of the bus nearer the time Tania