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  1. Now this one of your posts I can get behind. This once great forum is near abandoned, frequented primarily by the same five or six morons who spoil it for everyone (of which you are only one today). Personally I vote that to save JB some cash and the rest of us from computer/phone viruses we just set the whole thing on fire and be done with it. Cheerio WAP - it's been utterly shite knowing you.
  2. Ghosties posts in here have been some of the most embarrassing in the history of this forum, and that's saying something. This place really is the pits.
  3. Yeah I'd also have said Willock was more central. I'd play Kerr before Gordon but like both a lot, agree TW might think Gordon has been here longer as it were. Does anyone know how long McMillan is injured for?
  4. I don't think he's ever played in Ligue 1 - all 4 of his first team appearances coming from before Dijon got promoted and in the cup. 'Played abroad in a premier league' - could it be Andy Halliday? He only got 1 minute v Aberdeen, 6 minutes v Ross County. He did only appear 3 times in a foreign premier league though so maybe stretching it. I'm aware of the allegiances of Murray etc but not sure I'd be keen to have a player who so revels in being a nasty gers man in the team.
  5. Yeah I agree re hearts. What happened in England recently? That someone could be sold but not recalled? It's the entire thing my issue is with, not any individual part of it. I believe a just loaned player can be instantly sold. But aye. Saints won't do anything unless it's a clive style signing. Can't see a first team quality loan coming in.
  6. Are you sure about this? If someone else buys him then Rangers have to in effect recall him no? I don't see how the two situations are any different. I don't actually know mind
  7. Aye normally pleased to see saints get coverage but this piece would barely be applaudable if it had been written by a high school student on a journalism placement and about three year ago. BBC being dumbed down by the day, printing this mindless drivel. Next they'll stock motd with a bunch of opinionless v-neck sweaters.
  8. Yeah but how many of their posters have their coaching badges?
  9. Snore. It's a ****ing football forum. It's primary existence is for us to discuss how we'd pick the team! Get over yersel. Midge has been invaluable to saints since Morris left.
  10. Injury proneness aside it can't be on-the-pitch aspects that would make anyone want rid of Millar. Is the rumour that it's something else?
  11. I also saw a news item saying Colin Henrdy's son had scored this weekend. Jack Hendry that scored this weekend isn't Colin's son, the Callum we signed is.
  12. I don't actually know, but surely someone picked up from Forest will be on more than someone picked up from Spartans u18s? Doesn't cancel our rear of your point though.
  13. Confirmed no Habran. Just as well if morons were singing momo sylla at him.
  14. No Erwin then. Would be OK with Storey, but surprised if we paid a fee.
  15. Being a long-distance fan I can't recall ever seeing Storey either live or in a Saints game I streamed. I'd therefore rather we sign him than Sammon
  16. Worth signing on the basis of that interview post-moshni incident. Glorious stuff.
  17. Certainly not, TW could easily have been either or both of those people, but didn't know so didn't name names. Family ties makes a lot of sense, but he's still 6th tier at best even if not 8th.
  18. Speaks loudest about whoever scouted/recommended him and who sanctioned the signing.
  19. BBC just reminded me we signed McClean from Forest. Any of the ITK brigade know if TW plans for him to get a sniff of sub appearances or is he to be a Saints youngster.
  20. To be fair, the second was a penalty and a dive
  21. Wouldn't mind the away if it didn't clash with the home. The home is absolutely horrific. Who at the club Okays this?
  22. Sorry smarmy you aren't allowed to question peoples' statements, it alienates people and will lead to people voting snp just to protest against your post.