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  1. Last few minutes of the last game v Livi before the Shutdown! Drey was poor and getting slated from the main stand punters, he ran onto a diagonal ball out to him and he basically lost the plot and blootered it into the goal area Calum was running in and scored the winner, That's my recollection of off anyway! So Twice!
  2. I think he would have had a development fee anyway so would not have mattered possibly when he signed?
  3. I am in complete agreement with you! should never have been considered to be resigned, If McGregor resigns for rangers then we could have gone for McCrorie on loan and our own youngster as back up, both fighting for the position, Not a back up who wanted to leave but we manage to persuade to sign a new contract!
  4. You could say that in games he never saved you either though?
  5. Ha Ha! Again he wood counter that with that's what i got to work with!
  6. Id go for Jack (The Sack Ross), just for the entertainment over the Summer in Dundee!
  7. would be a sensible and productive remedy right enough! BUT that could be construed as constructed dismissal and would swing back in the employee favour!
  8. He can be put on Garden Leave and gets paid his monthly salary till the end of his contract. If he or anyone wants to employee him then his leaving compensation has to be agreed so we dont pay him his full contract out in one payment.
  9. Who can we sign then as our "wild card" signing form the Ukaraine league??
  10. Has anybody received their tickets by the post method???
  11. I actually thought Kane performed well in annoying the hell out of Scot Brown!
  12. Bryan/Brian/Ryan ? is the gossip from the park ??
  13. We have got Cammy Ballantyne, need to let him loose as we did McCann now and see if he grows into it, Probably had a better loan experience than McCann had so now is his time!
  14. The easy bit was the double as you say
  15. All the plaudits go to spooner and of course big Shaun for the finish! But as a lover of a good tackle, Calum Booths double tackle made that goal for me.