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  1. Agree with Cagey on this one, Spooner was involved the whole time he was on, MOH comes on for in the same position and not sure he actually touched the ball.
  2. Yes, NHS have the wrong test tubes to carry out testing!
  3. Am I correct in thinking football is back at lower league level now and No testing is taken place for them? My Lads at work (The ones young enough to still play ) are all now in training , junior/Senior Junior/professional Junior what ever they are called now! are all back playing friendlies and no testing being done. So why is the Premier league still required to do this testing regime?
  4. You could throw Jackson Irvine into that category as well maybe what they want and what teams are prepared to pay you are two different things.
  5. So for once i have reality in these questions we are all season ticket holders! and the answers are , My Grandson(7) does not want to go, My Father is (93) says hell give it a bit more time yet, Me and my son will go if we can. The old Common sense approach should suffice , Once the Country can move away again from being told what to do deciding what is best for you to do the better i say.
  6. Earlier on in the BBC Scotland they were talking about 1000 at the Celtic game that would be about 2% of their capacity, would seem strange though why trial with such a low attendance at a massive stadium i would think they would learn not a lot TBH.
  7. According to sport sound next week game against the Midden will have some fans at it as part of the testing procedure !
  8. No gloves! Fecking couple of trialists i remember turning up with builders gloves though, never made the cut.
  9. Yep! and as the Centre Half in my day it was my job to win and clear the ball, Think we had a help from the goalies more in those days as well they were usually catching these corners when they were swung in, I blame the massive gloves they wear now days! Fecking bare hands goalies were the thing.
  10. It worked in the 60's and 70,s ? did they have more players in them days?
  11. same team except Conway for MOH, no Steve May though bench looks very light as well! CYS.
  12. There needs to be an amnesty so every thing out the closet now! Then there needs to be rules, plans and systems in place for players to follow and carry out! That will be a few of our players ****ed there already trying to carry out pre plans and systems!
  13. Who are these players, do we know what the circumstances were, are they injured for example?
  14. St Johnstone players have been out and about in pubs in the City !
  15. I suppose the teams need to look at the loss they are making on not letting crowds into games, season ticket holders have paid their share already and the £17.50 in our case may be the estimate of subscriber they can expect against what they need to make!