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  1. 1 hour ago, Shipa said:

    If done properly, this could end up working out well. We've done the double, and have season ticket renewals on the go, with a date advised for new ST sales. Hopefully we will get a bit of a bounce of that, but some might still be hesitant.

    Parade the cup on a nice sunny day (I know!) in mid July, when we have fixtures and, hopefully, knowledge of what will happen with crowds, re-kindle some interest in the run-up to the new season.

    The easy bit was the double as you say:wink:

  2. 11 hours ago, Linky said:

    I assume Middleton is back up for Wotherspoon? I think Davidson may have run out of patience with Hendry & MOH, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they moved on.

    Not sure what is happening with Gilmour now. His signing suggested that Bryson was moving on, was there a snag in that deal which has held this up?

    I would suggest both are the sorts of players we need: young, with great promise, but have lost their way.

    Bryson can not move on this season to play for anyone anyway, he has already played for two teams, so doubt he will be the one to move!


  3. 7 minutes ago, RandomGuy said:

    Correct, played for us and Aberdeen so can't play for another club.

    He and Conway won't be leaving anyway. We have about 19 outfield players as it is so I'm not sure why we'd go for any less, especially when we've lost McNamara and have a total unknown coming in.

    The best we will get will be our out on Loans  back!

  4. 22 hours ago, garydavidson said:


    Out of interest did either of you watch the game? Appears neither did yet Tanser is still to blame? 

    Can confirm i watched the match last night! I have actually watched every game this season on PPV! have watched 96% of home matches over the last 30 years!  And i can still say confidently Tanser has been involved in opposition goals a fair few times!


  5. 1 minute ago, Cagey said:

    With having to play our squad players I was expecting a defeat. Looks like we maybe should have won the game.

    Where in the league would we be if we could take our chances.

    At least we scored 2.

    Not sure if Tansers defending had anything to do with it but concerned their right back scored both their goals.

    Agree Cagey! Tanser for me always seems to have a part to play lately in the opposition goals!  Need Random to come on with the stats to prove me wrong though!

  6. 19 hours ago, dave mc said:

    Thought I read 4,000 fans,so hoping it’ll mean season ticket holders will get in soon,although travel from some areas will be banned 

    On the Season ticket front and the way SB thinks! it would make financial sense to allow pay at the gate supporters in first as that would introduce new "Cash" into the club, season ticket holders get to see it on Saints TV as included in their season price! ( I am a Season ticket holder as well)  

  7. Am I correct in thinking football is back at lower league level now and No testing is taken place for them?

    My Lads at work (The ones young enough to still play ) are all now in training , junior/Senior Junior/professional Junior what ever they are called now! are all back playing friendlies and no testing being done. So why is the Premier league still required to do this testing regime? 

  8. 2 hours ago, mainstand said:

    Do they let kids in? do they count as part of the limit?  Given they dont physically distance. Do they let those that were previously shielding in?  So many questions that they need to answer

    So for once i have reality in these questions we are all season ticket holders! and the answers are , My Grandson(7) does not want to go, My Father is (93) says hell give it a bit more time  yet, Me  and my son will go if we can.

    The old Common sense approach should suffice , Once the Country can move away again from being told what to do deciding what is best for you to do the better i say.    

  9. 1 hour ago, Pat McGroin said:

    You’d assume we’re looking at 20-25% capacity 

    Earlier on in the BBC Scotland  they were talking about 1000 at the Celtic game that would be about 2% of their capacity, would seem strange though why trial with such a low attendance at a massive stadium i would think they would learn not a lot TBH.    

  10. 23 hours ago, Saintdunc said:

    Indeed, and as young full backs playing for our schools, we were always told to stand there to help the keeper out. No brainer still imo

    Yep! and as the Centre Half in my day it was my job to win and clear the ball, Think we had a help from the goalies more in those days as well they were usually catching these corners when they were swung in, I blame the massive gloves they wear now days! Fecking bare hands goalies were the thing.     

  11. 11 hours ago, mainstand said:

    If you put one on each post at the corner you are then leaving 2 men free or asking someone to pick up 2. I would have thought we should have had one on the front post. 


    1 hour ago, sixties saintee said:

    Aye good point

    It worked in the 60's and 70,s ? did they have more players in them days?  

  12. 24 minutes ago, blueheaven said:

    That's two Celtic players known to have broken the rules now. Unless something is done about this, right across the league, it's quickly going to become impossible for the football season to continue.


    9 hours ago, Bruno Strasser said:

    Celtic player having a wee break in Spain. One more slip and they'll suspend the season.

    Who are these players, do we know what the circumstances were, are they injured for example?  

  13. 2 hours ago, Rob said:

    Absolute shambles. All 3 of Aberdeens games should be off. Scrap those fixtures, forfeit the matches and points to other teams. Avoids backlog in fixtures. Seems a fitting punishment for breaking the rules. If it hadnt been established that rules were broken then absolutely no punishment in my view. Im not saying this as a Saints supporter and wanting the points without playing the game, this just seems the best way to keep the season moving on schedule.

    Lets hope that our club has set some very strict rules regarding what our players are doing outside of football. It will be flippin awful to be the next club where rules are broken which will lead to the season being stopped and ultimately clubs going bust.


    St Johnstone players have been out and about in pubs  in the City !   

  14. 38 minutes ago, TheMarkChristie said:

    Saints and Livi ripping the arse out of it i would say.

    I am used to paying between £8-12 per game for Ice Hockey live games and before people say its not comparable the 3 Scottish teams all get more people to games than Saints and Livi so buy rates would be about the same

    I suppose the teams need to look at the  loss they are making on not letting crowds into games, season ticket holders have paid their share already and the £17.50 in our case may be the estimate of subscriber they can expect against what they need to make!