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  1. Jermaine Beckford will do for me! FFS the Jermaine Beckford! On the level of a DUBS Signing like! Get it ****ing done TW/SB
  2. Aye I was meaning that! I am sure there is a few others over the years, who have been at Aberdeen and then come good in the lower leagues and score goals,
  3. So the moral of these' facts is no **** can score for Aberdeen but can score elsewhere! interesting.
  4. Tomorrow the 1st August is moving/signing day for all the greedy bastards that wanted a month longer of their large pay. It could be worth ( £100,000/£150,000) to some of these English championship players who are out of contract and wont sign for another club until they get their extra month pay Steve Naismith for example! Steve May I think will hold out until the last day of the transfer window 1st September? until he gets a move could be worth (£10,000) to him in wage difference.
  5. Okay so we can assume then if MOH is still 17 then that was shit he had been reregistered him with SFA under a new number??
  6. Wonder what number MOH will have on today? Also there was a bit of a mix up with the substitution I think when MOH cane off on Wednesday night and they had to change it? What number was MOH on Wednesday I canny remember 17???
  7. Will Grigg would be nearer than Lafferty I would think, he was kind of Lafferty's stand in at NI, we only deal in cast offs and stand ins never the main player
  8. News from a NHS Tayside employee yesterday has said that, it May not be the best move for Steve! The hysteria being shown on social Media (Especially one poster on WAP??) has Steve thinking he May not be able to carry the burden at Saints. Looks like he Shat the bed when he read WAP on Tuesday night!
  9. This was Rowans Vine agent by the way!
  10. Here the facts from my observation at last night s game. Directors Box. Geoff and Steve were in high spirits Stan also all laughing and joking, looking pretty much at ease with everything , Roddy as well, So IMO they looked pleased with what has/had happened previously. a couple of the volunteer workers in and around the stadium who sit around me (And lets face it know maybe slightly more than the rest of us) said to me don't hold your breath on any new deals happening. TW probably did not want to spend the after match report just being asked about the SM situation? Mabey heading straight to the Foundry to talk to SM? WHO KNOWS BUT WE WILL FIND OUT SOON I SUPPOSE
  11. Same here Random, just heard another explanation of vine to be honest. time will tell!
  12. I have heard it is more the case Vine is the south of England scout we have, rather than being SM agent, I would not say I am ITK on this. Random I am sure can find out if Vine is a registered agent !
  13. Aye Gort Fintry will be going cheap now! All the late 1970s work we done on it Lowdens/Charlie Gray will be needing done again
  14. After last nights total shambles ( I only hope it was the pitch ) Mr S Brown was in deep conversation with the top Scottish Sports Reporter Mr Gordon Bannerman I see the report in the record today suggest a but of panic has set in .
  15. So according to an Agent (Alan Preston) players coming to the end of a lucrative contract if they have not signed for another club before the end of the contract date (In most cases 30th June) the club is required to pay them an additional Month salary? (31st July) Steven Naysmith, possibly Matty Kennedy last season fell into this category. So there is a chance of players moving after the 31st July.
  16. Ross County I heard were the premiere league team in for him.
  17. Center Half

    Jason Kerr

    There is also a chance Zander and Jason are far away on hot beach somewhere, and not available! Just a thought!
  18. The only wave that looked like a "goodbye" wave was when Foster came off?
  19. Imo Random that is a fair assessment, Low in confidence does not mean lack of effort/fight. that was on show today, summed up in the last few minutes Celtic 5 up Johnny Hayes (FFS) wipes out Watt and gets booked, Did we have a booking today canny mind. Anyway as said it is over! Roll on next week
  20. All the talk of Gulf in cost/talent is acceptable and for St Johnstone to compete certainly needs a below performance from Celtic. However I can not accept a non trying, work shy performance as we produced out there today, where we wanted to compete and our strengths in the past have shown we can compete at the back/midfield was shocking today.
  21. Yes I think I have said that he has been shite up to now, I think Tanser came with much the same tag and he has improved! anyway the clue was in the " would you think " and "may get a turn out of him" in my question.
  22. Would you think, TW might take a gamble on Storey from Thistle to fill in for the pace now missing through Wrights injury on the right, he has been a horrendous signing for them but you never know TW may get a turn out of him?
  23. Danny was not out at the half time "keepy up session",
  24. Dens Road just outside the Derry, face towards the Kingsway when you park, it is then a 5mins walk up to the way end and the same at the end of the game, Parked there for must be 40 years now never a problem and always a straight run out to the Kingsway.
  25. Can some of our Canadian/American exiles let me know how to get the BBC sport sound online over here?