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  1. Paul Hartley was a winger who is 5ft 9in tall and was converted into a Scotland Internationalist midfielder by (I think) Billy Stark! Lawless is 5ft 7in and a winger he maybe could be converted to a midfielder by someone ( mabey even St johnstone if he is ever actually signed by us)? What then is so different or even not close being different???
  2. Paul Hartley situation springs to mind here, !
  3. Big Sam has it got it made though Hoodlum, Gets paid a few million to keep them up gets punted, has a 6 month break, first team to shit the bed about getting relegated next season from the premiership and they turn to Big Sam he goes in a few million bonus if he keeps them up, next summer "we all go round again" he's got it sussed just now!
  4. So This new era has a gaping hole in the infrastructure already, if you do not want to play in the reserve league that is fine? Surely it should be mandatory if you want to be in the league set up for it to work! It may well be that not only Saints are not joining it and they end up with only a few suitors?
  5. mmm! I hope Andrew Shinne is not classed as a winger?
  6. Agree with Willock he is improving every game, Not sure about his history but thought someone mentioned his previous loans had not worked out to well possibly why he was allowed to come up here? So if he has shown progress in his time up here it may well be that Man U let him stay for another year if he is progressing/getting better! If they release him we could not compete with others that is a fact, however maybe the Lad would take a couple of years up here if he feels this is good place to get game time and experience and feels wanted/liked by the club. this would be a big sacrifice on wages on his part as he could get double/treble what we offer and be lost in the English league's 1/2 masses of failed young talent. The ideal scenario would be something like a 3/4 year deal a good percentage of a transfer fee to him and look to sell in two years time for maximum value, winners all round we get a name for giving these type of players a chance to play and improve their talents, and others like him will want to try it. There is always the argument we have seen others who have come up who were gash etc, but I am not sure many have had Willock Pedigree to be honest, maybe Abeid? I think he has better potential than Darnell Fisher had and he is carving out a reasonable career in the championship just now. Fingers crossed,
  7. One more and we could be above well here I think. Edit Canny count still only two behind goal difference now .
  8. Macca gets his hat trick Do hearts need a new youth min bus?
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  10. The Volunteer Arms was our "workers HQ" when I was serving my time/then time served in the mid seventies and early eighties I left the company and Perth around 83 and it shut a few years later for a while before reopening as the full moon as it is now. We/It was always called " the High Level ". Now I can never remember the name on the establishment anything else but the Volunteer Arms, I think the High level was the bar area as it was on a higher level than the Snug/lounge was? anyone any ideas.
  11. Hearing Morton may be in a bit of difficulty in the near future, The Old Man Rae bankrolled his beloved club for many a year to keep them afloat put in a fair amount of his own money to do this, at this minute his son has been left in charge and he is not so keen to spend his inheritance on a football team (Where have I heard this before?). the Easdale's the local bus company owners( Who were involved with Charles Green at Sevco) would like to get involved in the club but the community/fans are a bit apprehensive about them getting involved. I would suggest a body swerve for any of our cup legends to be honest!
  12. Think they might have a "Bigger problem to get rid of first" Random, some £20K a week, alcoholic, been caught pissing in a fountain seemingly . That's it then, he was telling him to get himself back with his mate Tommy Wright and play football again.
  13. Mabey give a start to young Robertson up front in this one tomorrow then, change it to the set up at Dens later on if he needs to go off, if McMillan is going to be fit for the well game you would imagine he will get most game time until the end of the season, if fit enough of course.
  14. What signings have you heard Random?
  15. Allegedly , Muzz has a financial condition in his contract that would need cleared before he can move allegedly
  16. Nah, I do not think I would have wanted one to be honest !
  17. By The sounds of all the moaning Kunts on here Midge should expect a sell out at his " Testimonial game,(If only).It never ceases to amaze me what some of you will find to moan about, if you had known the cost of this "Off the ball" what it is costing you would probably have moaned about that also, Get your arses to his game that is what really matters IMO.
  18. Not disagreeing with you tucker. however would he be worth giving the highest wage we have ever offered a player to get him if he was available of course, Swanson and May both turned us down when offered our best ever deals.
  19. Lomas is gunning for Both TW and Steve Brown, He has allegedly accused them of Black Balling him in football allegedly.
  20. What is this Director of football role Saintdunc? I must have missed this announcement?