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  1. Murray is playing, no sign of Williams though?
  2. McBurnie for me Denny Johnstone
  3. I did not think Paton was in the squad to be honest,
  4. Trying to think of two player with NI at the euros Mannus + ?
  5. I think the foul was giving for Tanser using his arm about 1 minute before he blew for the foul to control the ball ! the funny thing was in about the same position second half Kerr actually did use the same part of his arm and got away with it.
  6. Big miss Foster in that he is/was our only player left with real pace, breakaways he could cover who now ?
  7. apologies for upsetting you! Kane, Gordon, Comrie, for a start might have been different.
  8. Lock up the Razor Blades/Stanley Knife blades FFS.
  9. Ziggy Stardust or something like that ?
  10. Yes looked like to me , This is my last chance of a David Luiz , Ando you have already done better than David Luiz in Saintes eyes. Chill, accept,
  11. working on throw in's it appears. Maybe work on giving the ball to the opposition next week!
  12. Agree My Spazz one thing to remember though and not get you in more trouble than a parking ticket if you say someone else is driving the car then they would need to be insured/have insurance to drive your vehicle which is itself a criminal offence if they do not have any cover, so they the ticket issuing company could pass you onto the Police to explain why a said person from India was driving your car. I have had to deal with, although through my company parking tickets the lads have picked up all over the UK and I was advised to respond to the ticket's but appeal it and list at least 5/6 reasons for your appeal, they included things like , No signage visible, Poor quality of photo, evidence photos looks tampered, with, not a proper invoice, not a VAT registered invoice etc etc. and send by a registered post, they have never bothered sending out a reminder after that and they can add you on to the poor debt database either.
  13. Something has to change though as we are now looking the complete opposite of what we were good at in previous seasons. Tommy's teams were known to be organised, committed, made few mistakes etc etc. I am not clamouring for TW to go/get sacked in any way but what was stopping him today and making changes with the younger player's Gordon ( may be injured/Sick), Maclean, Comrie along with Kerr . Hindsight is a marvellous thing but even before the game was played what had he to loose/ could not have been much worse. He might yet turn this around and if he does it with the use of playing 5/6 of our younger team then he will have learned/realise youth can play their part, Even if he plays these younger players and we fail then at least he tried to change. If he continues playing the older/ageing players and get relegated then I would say he deserves the sack .
  14. All true Panama! there is the cynic side of me that also says the Browns are not always the best of family's to get on with they do have their spats/spit the dummy out with Key individuals/councils that could have helped out the club, Brian Souttar/Ann Gloag have helped out in sponsorship in the past of the first and the younger teams I am sure and have stepped up when asked /needed however they are more aligned to Dundee FC! although none of them are remotely interested in football which may become the main issue for football in this country in years to come as the money people out there are simply not interested in owning a football club now, they can build their egos with other methods now, like how big is my house/car, Boat/Yacht.
  15. I heard this a few weeks back, about a swap with Paton and Drapper at Ross county, I did ask the question then about how many teams could a player play for back then as I knew Drapper had played for two already, so I wrote it off as a load shite (Which it may well have been). Just remembered same night I was told Dundee were wanting £1M + for a free agent signed in the summer . Some ****ing Party ( Copious amount drink was had )
  16. As above the Watson inclusion for me is the strangest decision, although I have a cynical view that TW sometimes spits the dummy out with SB if the frequent arguments between them gets to personnel he then picks an unbelievable positional wise team of the players to give SB the two finger salute and prove a point. Also the Watson decision is a poor management decision from both party's and a club point of view, that inclusion yesterday basically means he is now here for the duration of his contract, can not be moved on/loaned out , No we will pay you all you are due until the end of the season Keith as I have got pissed of by the board. Also Cynical as I am TW is watching his two dream jobs being possibly available to him and yet both are tantalisingly still not actually available to him has his head been turned a bit with optimistic thoughts of these two jobs. Another poor management decision yesterday Jason Kerr comes back being touted the best Central defender in the Championship buzzing I would imagine to be involved and yet he is left to gather up the warm up equipment at the end of the session how to bring him back down to earth right enough.
  17. Managers/Director of football/youth team managers in general put young players out on loan to get game time and play in competive games and to hopefully progress in the manner the manager would like him to play for his parent club, so I would imagine the conversation with lets say Brendon Rodgers and tommy would be " any chance of a loan player Brendon free of charge and a goal scorer" Brendon "No way TW I want players to play football and learn how to take a ball in control it and distribute to one of their teammates move and get the return pass if required" Tommy okay wonder if Gregor Townsend has someone more my style ?
  18. Much as said above, Team selection was strange, Millar and Watson were both being moved on! first game back and they are in the starting line up! not that they were the worst but does that tell you something about the management! Scougall has looked better in the number 10 role yet put out right wing again, Spooner has never looked even remotely looked a left sided player but yep he there! Also close on 600 (Home support) crowd down on what has been attending that speaks for itself. Chairman got a bit of a hard time at the end as the crowd left on mass looked a bit uncomfortable I would say.
  19. Could be the answer cagey, I thought first of all tomorrows may have been on TV but it is not so that could be it.
  20. Sevco playing their League game against the Dons tomorrow night and their postponed game gets played next week? any one know why they were allowed to do this? surely it is the same rules for every team .
  21. No Wanting any Dodgy Chunt's from Central America laundering investing their money in my club
  22. There you go then was more than I thought then, think cally brought about 2500-3000 and with the original game being an all ticket affair at Telford Street it got the turnout.