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  1. Thought on wed that liam did not suit central midfield and only came on to a game when wide left. I would have stuck Dave McKay in Central midfield with miller and leave liam on the left, Rutti in at center back and anyone else on the books before RMW. i suppose the forwards need a run to see if they can cut it and now he will know i hope. Is Dobbie,Taylor,injured or has Del decided they are surplus.Next week is the matches we need to win so lets not get to depresed
  2. Used to be a chippy across the street fa the auld hoose what was it called? , it wasna bad. If he refused his fish delivery for not being up to scratch Robert would sell the fish in the auld hoose later that day.
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    Car Park

    Same here dunblanemike was out and home in 25 minutes after full time, i think when there is a large away support lock them in until we all get away.
  4. Dissapointed yes. Parker/Taylor probably what i expected as said before on here same as- Jones/McMhan(thats not spelt right),and some million pound player from sunderland whos name at the minute escapes me,and many more. it,s what we can afford. Dinky,Muzz, good chances with headers should have hit the target,parker unlucky with a goalmouth challenge from a taylor cross first half, Haber young inexperienced however i wish he was one of our young players coming through rather than west Brom. The goal, something just did looked not right Doobs seemed to go to boot out then stopped i would not think Makkie whould shout Ma Ba would he? Any hoo it,s a long seson and we will get there.
  5. I think we were pushing our luck with the amount of stuff we were trying to take over that time hence the punishment
  6. Aye me too, Mabey get Haber on the back and get a few pints when we ken the bar to go to Enjoy your trip
  7. Last time i took a kerry oot to Toronto consisted "o" murrays pies,Stanley Butchers Steak pies,lindsays sqaure and link sausages,Cragie Chipys white puddings, A 1/2 hunderweight of,sweeties, B*****ds connfiscated the lot and all i got in with was a bottle of Dewars Whiskey, I am sure they wait on the Scotland flight arriving and ken a body has scottish meat and sweets we them,
  8. VanFan i am also new to the forum saw your post, i am in Vancouver in september where will be the saints bar be?