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  1. Just crossin' the border now, where's everyone drinking before the game - White's is it?
  2. Jeez Tony and here's me thinking you were a James Last fan...
  3. It's all over for Rangers. Their present incarnation will also go bust in another season or two. They are spending more than they bring in, especially without Europe. That makes them uninvestable; and they can't keep living off soft loans from directors. I said at the time that the Boy King had empty pockets and the promised £30m didn't exist.
  4. Everyone knows they wankstains cheated. Why waste more money on it. Better spendin' it on a few fitba facilities for the bairns. Get them away from their Xbox and TV.
  5. Mate who lives in Jeanfield Rd says the plan for it had 11 parking spaces and that up to 100 worshippers would attend on Fridays. There's a big one doon here a mile from me and it's rammed on Friday at noon, the locals will park anywhere to attend whether it's legal or no.
  6. Imagine gettin yer pansies after four games FFS. Talk about kneejerk reaction?
  7. Actually Levein has quite a good record managing club sides in Scotland. 40-odd % win rate at DUFC and HMFC.
  8. Used to visit the baths for training every day. Lived along the road at 463 Holborn St.
  9. The Glentanar on Holborn St near the old baths used to be run by a Saintee. Forget his name, Mike somebody maybe.
  10. I'm not going to post it here - those responsible know what they did. Could have got us a fine or even worse a ban. If any are reading this - ye's are all a bunch of wee neds and soft as shite.
  11. Sadly not all, at the away game in Trakai...
  12. I heard some of their fans were chanting about Lee Rigby's murder, celebrating the fact that a serving member of our armed forces was killed. That's got to be some kind of new low, even for these scumbags.
  13. I think Levein's gonna get fired too....
  14. Elvis and Hartley both in the frame before Tommy. Wouldn't rule out big Terry Butcher either...
  15. Steve I was there and the attendance was 757
  16. Clubs should have a foreign player limit. This gives domestic players a better chance to develop and progress to the national team.
  17. Ciftci. Back at the Paedodrome after failing to impress on loan. I think he's got an injury but we could get him on loan I'm sure....
  18. MOH is a serial underperformer IMO. One great spell for us during which he destroyed Sevco with some devastating running. Most times though the end product was lacking, e.g. a duff cross or a shot off target. He's better than some we have at the club but I'd like to think we could do better.