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  1. I think I missed a trick when I registered my newborn in August. Why did I not think of the SJFC initials thing? Every kid could do with 3 middle names...
  2. Really gutted to see him go. I'd have kept him on another year - no telling how Cup Tie will recover from his major op (especially with age against him) and we don't yet know how the two young lads (neither a natural RB) are going to actually fare when included in our team. Clearly a risk the club are happy to take. As for the Euro outings. 2 games. For a guy constantly picked up and dropped, for there to be only 2 games in 3 years that people can pick him up on for mistakes is quite telling. The same could be said for pretty much the whole of the first team. Not that any of that matters now he's gone. I wish him all the best and hope he gets a regular start at a decent club, which he thoroughly deserves.
  3. As nice as that would be, they can't be too explicit about it. Look at what happened to Lawless...
  4. SundayGirl


    Definite no to the yellow. Yellow does nothing to flatter the pasty white, untoned physique...
  5. This was my fear. Possibly a bit naive to let go of Miller?
  6. But they've kindly released Clarkson, Benedictus and Heffernan for us...
  7. Moaning doesn't particularly bother me (as irksome as it can sometimes be), but loud abuse of players does. If a player is having a bad day or plays a bad pass or whatever, they're more than aware of the situation and being loudly abused from the stands won't really help matters.
  8. I can't make my mind up on Brian Graham. Without doubt the best in the squad for positioning - great at getting in behind the defence - but his final ball/decision making isn't quite where it should be. Maybe it will come with game time. Just delighted he got us a goal and that we took the 3 points. Can't see St Mirren staying up based on that performance. Woeful.
  9. According to STV, the hearing at hampden resulted in a 'not proven' verdict. Not sure how this works...
  10. We've got cover in Frazer Wright and Gary Miller. And Gareth Rodger is waiting too. Steve Brown has made it clear he's not parting with any cash unless it's an emergency, so I'd say a striker is far more crucial.
  11. The really sad thing about all this is that the ill-educated flagbearer was holding the thing upside down.
  12. Chris MillAr; Gary MillEr. Just to clear that one up.
  13. The scoreboard either needs fixed or removed too.
  14. Can't decide on an order, but the top 5 for me are: Easton, Maclean, Mannus, May and O'Halloran. I put O'Halloran in purely on his quality-per-minute. For the lack of pitch time, when he has been on, he's been fantastic. As with Easton, he's had to fight his way into the squad and it's not been an easy journey.
  15. Love the reaction of the guys on the bench to Tommy's behaviour!