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  1. Thanks for the advice, that's pretty much what the specialist said to me with regards to how important it was to keep playing. Im nearly 40 now and although I thought before this that I had another 10-20 years in me I honestly cant see me ever playing again. Im otherwise fit and healthy for my age (I think) and this was just a freak accident.
  2. Right, bad news unfortunately. My injury is far more serious than was originally diagnosed. Unfortunately I have completely torn my medial ligament causing it to detach from the fibia but even worse than that is that I have in fact ALSO completely ruptured my anterior cruciate ligament (despite being told originally that this hadn't happened - couldn't be diagnosed at the time due to the swelling). I now have to wait till I get an MRI scan on the knee too see the true extent of the damage. Once this has been done they can then choose the best method for repair. Its one of two options - 1) months of physio and rehab (best case scenario - 5% chance of ever being able to play again) or 2) re-constructive surgery to rebuild the knee (worst case scenario with virtually no chance of ever playing again). Still trying to take it all in myself so to say I'm a bit pissed off is a slight understatement.