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  1. Why would they continue to shop there when the most popular part (the Pandora stuff) now has it's own shop on the High Street - operated by the same person!




    from what i heard from a friend of the owners, pandora basically told them if they wanted to keep the franchise they had to open a Pandora only store in a high street location.  it;s probably what helped push Bertie Browns over the to speak

  2. At the very least, all amateur, junior, kids football should be summer.

    It can only improve our game.

    To still insist on playing football in winter, on mud, in snow, in freezing conditions is just plain daft.

    And for us to prefer to watch it in that weather, we are daft too.


    I coach a youth team and can tell you summer football would not be easy. If we had been playing summer football this summer we would not have played a game all summer due to players being away on family days, holidays etc.

    You would need a complete culture shift in Scotland for it to change at any level, & unfortunately I don't see it happening.

  3. I thought it was kind of crap of FIFA not to have the players who were in the running for Golden Boot at the Final.  Rodriguez deserved his moment to walk up the steps with Neuer & Messi(!!) and get his award.

  4. I moved here from Dumfries about 18 years ago and wouldn't want to move back. Both are similar types of towns. If you think Perth is bad in all the things mentioned above, then go have a look at Dumfries.  I go back annually to see friends and family but it really is a very depressing place these days and I look forward to coming back "home".

  5. Hello, 

    Abernethy YFC have had an 11 a side team playing in PKYFA league since 2012.  We have recent set up a soccer school (for  want of a better name ), to bring through younger players.  We are looking for boys and girls born 2007 & 2006 for taking part in Fun Fours & Super Fives and also 2005.  If we get enough 2005 we would be looking to set up a seven a side team. 


    If you would be interested in your kids taking part please bring them to Powrie Park Abernethy on Saturday 11-12.


    If you would be intersted in getting involved in Youth coaching please also get in touch.


    Thanks for reading this.  If anyone has an queries please IM me, contact us through our facebook page, AbernethyYFC or through our website



  6. Does King meet the 'fit and proper' guidelines that are supposedly demanded by the SFA?



    I don't think he would have to really...I would guess he could put up to the money to own Sevco but not actually hold any position within the club.  I might be wrong on that but that is my understanding of it.


  7. Agree that Barossa should have been offered subsidised travel but it isn't a good gesture. It's going to benefit say 100 fans, the rest are going to have to pay full price to travel and still pay £12 to get into the game.

    Meanwhile Partick are handing discounts all over the shop to their own fans.


    Of course they are going to be offering discounts all over the place to their own fans. That's their bread and butter and they need to keep them as happy as possible.  Makes perfect sense to me, and I would like to think Saints would offer more to us than away fans.

  8. Speaking to a South African friend, he believes that Mandela being alive in many ways kept the peace and the more extreme elements of the ANC in line out of messiah like reverence for him. 

    Now Mandeka has passed he truly believes that South Africa will head down a far more violent path as the extremes on both sides crawl out from under their rocks.

  9. What would happen if the Stock Exchange were to say that King could become a Director or Chairman?  Does the SFA have the authority to over rule this? Or does it fall into the grey area between footballing authorities and national organisations?


    Also could be become a Director of the holding company while not actually being a director of the club itself?

  10. This is the problem. The whole thing is rigged to suit the bigger clubs and enhance sponsor value. Understandable when you consider the buffoons running the show.


    Rather than spreading the wealth and diversifying the competition, they'll settle for the quick-buck. Almost as short-sighted as the SPL or the SPFL or whatever Doncaster is tagging it these days.


    A ****ing shambles


    Another case of the big clubs running the show.  Uefa want / need to keep the big leagues and clubs happy so seeding avoids any upsets. Suits them, the clubs and sponsors.  They don't do it then the idea of a a breakaway league for the top teams would raise it's head again. Where would the sponsors go?? They would follow the big clubs and UEFA would be struggling in time.